Rubiales: "I am going to propose to Tebas to change the League format"

The president of the RFEF has announced in the Europa Press Breakfasts that he will propose to reduce the number of days and bring matches to neutral venues, such as Miaimi.


The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, analyzed the current situation of Spanish football in the Sports Breakfasts of Europe Press.

Footballer's stage: "I only scored one goal as a professional and on top of that it was a center. All the goals were taken by my grandfather."

Professional women's league: "We have to differentiate from what we knew as a professional league. The men's was the consequence of an economic level. Now the Government has understood that a social push must be given to the female, it is not due to an economic consequence. so that it comes out with that respect for the rules ".

Lack of transparency: "If my elections had something, they were strange stops that make each time I appear they take longer than necessary. We have managed to be more united than ever."

Florentino's statements about Casillas and Raúl: "I have all my admiration and respect for both the players and the club. It is the protagonists who have to speak. I want to be respectful with that."

Relations with AFE: "David and I have a personal relationship that is no longer the same. I love the union very much, I am a member and I was its president. I am concerned about some situations, such as elections. To be legitimized you have to win an election As God intended. How is it possible that there are two votes from the same footballer. I worry about these situations and the answers that I give myself are worse. It is serious and there must be answers. The logical thing is that the president explained himself. Every answer I imagine is worse than the last. They have to give an explanation if they have one. "

Pacts of Viana: "The well-done wording of what was agreed at that time in professional football has been published in the BOE. The Argüellos pacts were not mentioned. The person responsible is the president of the Olympic Committee, whom I consider a brother . There are more than a million non-professionals. There were many players who could not finish and the CSD did not attend to us. One day Alejandro Blanco called the minister (Uribes) and was uniting all the federations to have a protocol that made it possible for the non-professional sport to compete again ".

Matches Monday and Friday: "It is judicialized. It is not a war. It is a miracle that PP and PSOE agree on everything. Normally you disagree, but with respect. It is the same with Thebes and me. Dissent is healthy, but The forms is healthy. We must analyze how we address LaLiga and how they address us. Our million-odd licenses deserve respect ".

Tebas: "In the next few days I am going to invite Javier Tebas to sit down and try to change the format of the current League. We have changed the format of many competitions and the result is there. It was necessary and reduce the days they occupy in the calendar. With respect, it is necessary to propose that there be fewer days, there is more spectacle. We must invent and capture the attention of the youngest with emotion. LaLiga has been immobile. If we change the format we have to do it unanimously. We are going to propose that there be neutral venues in league games. That would be fewer days, that would generate more income. The Miami game could be studied. The teams could play inside and outside. It can be studied. Now it is not viable, because everyone plays at home and away and it would distort the competition ".

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