Rubi: "I would like to have the squad closer to closing down"

The Almería coach asks that players with "more experience" arrive and that if there are important marches, the substitutes are guaranteed.

Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia, Rubi, (1970, Vilasar de Mar, Barcelona) wants to be a protagonist again in the Second Division, achieving a promotion three years after he did it with Huesca. After not being able to finish the work that he began at Betis and after falling with Almería in the semifinals of the last promotion promotion, the Vilasarense coach seeks to finish shaping the Almeria team before the league debut in Cartagonova next Monday, August 16 (22:00 hours). Just arrived at the concentration in Malaga, Rubi attends the official radio of the UDA, asking the club to give an acceleration as far as the preparation of the squad is concerned. Claim that if there are major marches (see Sadiq, Samu or Akieme), the substitutes are guarantees. "We need something more to be able to be stronger," acknowledges the rojiblanco coach, who also expects more experience.

- What awaits the footballer these ten days in Marbella?

Keep working hard. The physical plane becomes the second important aspect, we are going to focus even more on tactical issues, with many talks, on the idea of the game, values, forming a close-knit group, a family ... I want my team to have a base strong companionship for when the delicate moments of the season come. These situations must be generated. We have worked very, very hard and I am proud of my players because they have endured 20 days of hard training. Now it's time to feel better and better and that football comes out, that they take out what they have inside with a good physical base.

- In these ten days it will be time to give Almería the identity that Rubi wants.

We have played good games even though the legs are super heavy, but there is a tremendous illusion in the dressing room, I have a great predisposition to have a good season and the players are enduring everything very well. We have put in a lot of cane, but they also appreciate it. The only negative aspect has been Juan Villar's injury because we have really been very lucky in everything else. For all the hours that we have trained, with that intensity and the very hot conditions, we have only had one injury. We would have liked not to have one, but I think the team has done well.

- When Juan Villar was injured, his gesture was even more upset than that of the footballer himself.

Yes because it was a very big shame, Juan came knowing that it was a very important season. He is the most veteran player we have in the team and on top of that he was setting an example, he hadn't missed a minute of training, he felt better and better, he even told us. What he tastes bad about is that it was on the last play of training. It lasts a minute less and he would not have been injured, but this is football and you cannot control life.

- Talk about football, but also about values and camaraderie.

I don't know of any team that achieves objectives, except that it has a megastar, who cannot overcome the delicate moments with a strong group. It is impossible not to have those moments. You have to be united to achieve the objectives. For me that is fundamental. They are people who interact every day and have to tolerate and get along, competing at the same time with each other to increase their level.

- Last year there was no concentration and they could not 'brush' to form that pineapple.

The technologies are very good, but sometimes difficult to relate to. Mobile phones offer spectacular services, but we want them to talk and communicate with each other at the food tables. That is why we try to put some rule to make it so, in addition we mix the tables continuously to form a strong group, which is what we want. I am looking for a strong identity to fight for the goals we have this year.

- What does Almería lack that you imagine for the start of the competition?

At the point of work we are exactly at the point where we wanted to be, completing stages and with a note. The players have assimilated a lot what we want. In terms of making the final squad, we are far away because I really would like to have the squad closer to closing than not to having even more additions to have for all these hours we dedicate. We will have to duplicate work and speed up processes. We know that the market is slow and that the club is doing its best.

- There will be different entrances and exits in this same hotel.

It is understood that there is a sale for the club to make a profit, but it has to be covered very well. We have players who can make a difference and it's a shame to lose them. It is also true that we need something more to be able to be stronger and have more guarantees.

- In what position?

I really like the players who are working this preseason in the back, of course, but it is true that if we take the reference from last year, it was a deficit that we had. We are going to see if a player can come to help us in that area. Therefore, it does not mean that those who are here cannot earn the position and play themselves. We're going to be fair to the performance, but it's a no-brainer that we need a little more experience.

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