Rubén Díez, in the blue and white orbit

The attacker has a contract with the recently descended Castellón who refers to the 500,000 euros of his termination clause to free him.


Juan Carlos Cordero said in his last appearance that Tenerife lacks attacking people. He also warned that it would be the most expensive and we will have to be patient. The sports director continues working on it and one of his wishes that has transcended is that of Rubén Díez, who last season was one of the outstanding in Castellón, although he could not avoid the decline.According to reports from Castellón, the Blue and Whites are not the only club interested in this 27-year-old footballer who was the top scorer of his team with seven goals, gave four assists and added 2,999 minutes spread over 40 games. All those interested have been given the same answer: pay the 500,000 euro clause that the player has so that a hypothetical exit could be given.

Cordero's idea is to try to negotiate with Castellón, with whom the player has a contract until next June, and offer a footballer in the operation (cases of forward Joselu, defender Alberto Jiménez or winger Jacobo González) to try to lower the price the cost of the handover operation.

Rubén Díez made his debut in Second last season and did so leaving a very good feeling. Before he had played in Second B in Huesca and Teruel. The handy footballer joined work this week, but did not exercise with his teammates but did so on the sidelines. In principle, as sources from the club explained, it drags some physical discomfort.

The blue and white sports management works to incorporate people with an offensive profile since the defensive plot seems quite well covered. The truth is that, whether Díez arrives or not, at least three or four more players will have to reinforce the insular attack since at the moment as forwards there are only Joselu (who does not count), Apeh (stranded in Nigeria) and the homegrown players Jorge Padilla, Ethyan and Dylan.

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