Rodrigo Álvarez triumphs in Don Benito; Miquel, solid leader

The Gomur runner launched a hard attack in the final kilometers that the peloton could not counteract. Pau Miquel, sixth today, strengthens his leadership.


The Copa de España Elite-sub23 has lived this Sunday with the Guadiana Circuit its penultimate appointment of the course. The victory went to Rodrigo Álvarez (Gomur) in Don Benito after a very strong attack with about seven kilometers to go and a sensational final sprint to beat Guillermo Silva (Previley) and Joan Martí Bennassar (Eolo Kometa). 166 kilometers and four passes over the top of Magacela have structured a race organized by the Guadiana Cycling Club and that from 10:00 in the morning has provided a beautiful spectacle.

It did not take long for the first attacks to follow one another shortly after Don Benito's departure, however, the platoon arrived compactly at the first climb to Magacela (one kilometer at an average 11% slope); point in which the escape of the day was defined that integrated a total of 18 cyclists. The leading group managed to establish their difference around a minute and a half, reaching even two and a half minutes thanks to the good collaboration between the protagonists.

Eolo Kometa, the team with the highest representation in the lead with up to four runners (Pérez-Landaluce, Tercero, Hernaiz and Martín), would be in charge of shooting for most of the time trying to take advantage of a very advantageous situation for one of the men fastest of the national contest, David Martín. Agea (Gomur), the Extremaduran Nieto (Lizarte) encouraged by his audience, López de Abetxuko (Subsidiary Caja Rural-Seguros RGA) or Zurita (GSport) would also show themselves as some of the most active cyclists in the getaway

The leading group would see how the platoon approached them before facing Magacela for the last time. Nieto, Martín and Hernaiz were trying to leave alone, but the platoon would hunt them down shortly before facing the climb. In Magacela, the two best cyclists in the national competition so far, Pau Miquel (Lizarte) and Marc Brusnemos (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA Subsidiary) managed to open a few meters of distance with the peloton and rolled for a few kilometers together until they were hunted by the main group with ten kilometers to go. Shortly afterwards, Joan Martí Bennassar (Eolo Kometa) and Rodrigo Álvarez (Gomur) also tried it; a very strong attack by two great rollers that would pose a precious pulse to the peloton.

Both were able to handle a difference of around 20 seconds with a main group that had them in sight, but who ultimately would not be able to hunt them down. On the finish line, Álvarez would prevail as the fastest ahead of another runner who went on the attack, Guillermo Silva (Previley) and the Balearic Bennassar. Behind, fourth position for Marc Brusienen and sixth for a Pau Miquel who consolidates his leadership at the head of the contest. Pablo Alonso (Supermercados Froiz) remains the elite leader. The next appointment of the contest will take place next week (July 11) with the LXVII Spring Ontur Grand Prix.

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