Reinforcements for Simeone

Giménez and Carrasco will join training tomorrow and begin a specific work plan. João Félix also returns to continue his recovery.


A new preseason week begins at Atlético de Madrid and more and more important players are joining the group. This time it is the turn of José María Giménez and Yannick Carrasco, who will work separately to achieve, as soon as possible, keep up with the rest of their teammates.With the arrival of the Uruguayan and the Belgian, Simeone has more and more troops to start working in an objective way for the start of the League, being able to test more tactical schemes and testing new formulas.

For his part, Joao Félix, returns to Madrid after his ankle operation in Porto. 23 days have passed since he underwent surgery on July 2 by surgeon Niek van Dijk, so the Portuguese arrives to face the final part of his recovery, with the aim of reaching the league premiere on August 15 well.

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