Red Bull go all out at Silverstone

Verstappen and Pérez are very ambitious before the British appointment. Both see Mercedes very strong, but promise to fight for a position at the top.


Red Bull looks to continue with the good feeling of Verstappen's double at home. Both the Dutchman and Pérez have made a series of statements on the team's website, where they have talked about their latest performances, the public's return to Silverstone and the new sprint race that opens at the event this weekend. week

Although MadMax took first place in both Styrian races, Pérez did not have one of his best performances, as he was sanctioned up to two times, both with Charles Leclerc. “Obviously, it was not my day, I have learned from what happened and I have tried to get the positive out of the race. Now I am very focused on the weekend, I really want to go back to Silverstone ”, acknowledges the Mexican. The opposite of the Dutchman, who has taken stock of the start of the season: “We have started the season very well and I am very happy about it, but we have to keep pushing, we cannot be thinking about our results so far. It's going to be very tight, but that's what makes it exciting. ”

Although the brand new leader of the World Championship warns: "There are some difficult tracks ahead where Mercedes can have the advantage over us, but we have a great team and we are doing everything possible to try to stay ahead." The duel is served and it will be more vibrant with the attendance of the public on the British track. “I'm very excited to see all the fans back on the track too, the atmosphere is always electric at Silverstone,” says the Mexican, adding Verstappen: “Having fans back will really make a difference at Silverstone and the public. Brit loves motorsports in general, which means it's a special place to be. ”

Finally, they have been asked about the great topic that surrounds Formula 1 right now: sprint racing. Both have been excited about the new test. “I am very open to trying sprinting and I quite like that we have a little less practice before heading to qualifying”, said Max, to which a very ambitious "Checo" concluded: "As a team, we We have worked hard to understand the new race format, a lot of preparation and practice has gone into this weekend. It will be very different for everyone, it is definitely exciting and I hope the hard work pays off. "

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