Ramazani saves the classic in El Rubial

Almería wins in Águilas with a goal from the Belgian, who also scored yesterday against Pulpileño. Abel Molinero had the tie in the final stretch.

Of the 22 rojiblancos who played this Sunday in the third preseason match, not a dozen will continue under Rubi's command in six weeks. Even so, the Vilasarense coach continues to put the machinery in motion, recovering men for the cause in search of a greater role. If on Saturday Lazo was the protagonist with a triplet, in Águilas the spotlights were aimed at Ramazani, the Belgian scoring the winning goal after scoring 3-0 and assisting in the 4-0 against Pulpileño.

The preseason classic (Almería always opened their bowling at El Rubial) had a more vintage flavor than ever, with Alfonso García as president of Águilas, Molo doing the job of coach, and ex-rojiblancos Chumi, Abel Molinero and Kalu Uche in the ranks of the Murcian cadre, which will serve in the new Second RFEF.

Rubi lined up a completely different eleven than the one he played on Saturday, the script being the same: possession and dominance from Almería without being totally successful in the rival area. Iván Buigués saved his team in the early stages on several opportunities from Robertone, who joined the attack to take advantage of the gaps generated by Caballero, with the subsidiary player acting as a striker due to Juan Villar's injury. In the 56th minute, a semi-Vaseline from Ramazani put Almería ahead.

The rojiblancos looked for the second, but they ran into a serious Águilas, who had his options to equalize the match, and a great Iván Buigués, who avoided the 2-0 in a Caballero header. Down the stretch Abel Molinero took advantage of a Rosic miss, but his shot crashed off the crossbar. Before, in the 70th minute, Rubi completely changed the eleven, to dose his pupils. Next Thursday the rojiblancos will go to the Malaga municipality of Benahavís, where they will set up their headquarters for the pre-season concentration in Marbella.

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