Rahm survives and threatens Oosthuizen and Morikawa

The León de Barrika re-emerged with three birdies in the final holes and faces the last day 6th, five strokes behind the leader. Sergio García made +3 and is in 44th place.


Royal St. George's was more demanding than on the previous two days. Harder and faster greens ... except for uphill putts that seemed to get muddy in beach sand, and flags that were harder to attack. Of course, the wind was magnanimous and did not appear, which would have made things much stiffer. And in a less cordial situation came more mistakes and pure talents broke in.

Fortunately, Jon Rahm is one of the greatest on the current circuit. The León de Barrika started with a bogey in 1 that he fixed in 6 ... to add two new errors in 7 and 11. The lap was complicated, the Jar of Clarete seemed that it would be drunk by another rival since the leaders they were getting too far away. And that's where his particular catharsis began, which arises like a gale in the most difficult moments. Birdie at 12, 14 and 17 ... and a pair at 18 who knew how to succeed to sign a score of -2, -7 in total. Sixth position, five strokes behind the leader, South African Louis Oosthuizen with 18 holes remaining.

"It is clear that I will have to get a great game and my best day. If it turns out like these days and not a windy one, we will have to think about a return close to some kind of record, that of the field, that of the tournament ... of course some of the top players are going to play under par. If I start an hour earlier than the others and in the first five holes I play one or two under par, I can put pressure on those at the top and who knows ", says Rahm who put two ' buts' to his performance of the day: "I rushed almost every shot on hole 7 and on hole 1 I was a little bit lucky because I could have made a birdie option. And I could go one or two shots below what I have signed ".

The 26-year-old from Biscay is in the ointment although he will have to give his best on the final day because he must cut back and get closer to a solid Oosthuizen, who returned to get a beautiful game although he wasted numerous occasions of having left the tournament much more tied it was making its dock, something similar to what happened to Collin Morikawa, second to a blow. And not forgetting Jordan Spieth, the 'wonder boy' who is back. The 23-year-old British winner in 2017 that added to the incredible double he achieved at the Masters and the US Open in 2015 seems to have left behind ghosts of the past and must be reckoned with. The magic of the greatest talent of the last generations has returned although he still looks nervous when the ball does not do exactly what he wants and the final two bogeys can take a mental toll.

Along with the four mentioned, another shortlist bursts in as outsiders to prevail in the last major of 2021: the Canadian Connors, the North American Scheffler and the South African Fritelli. Of these seven golfers, the one who takes the only great that is celebrated in Europe must come out (except for surprises that the Canadian Hugues or the Australian Smith can give). The other Spaniard who made the cut, Sergio García, had a rollercoaster day: three birdies, four bogeys and a double bogey took him to +3 on the day, par for the course after 54 holes. Position 44º.


Photos from as.com
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