Pogba already has a price for PSG

After Wijnaldum, Achraf and Ramos, the United midfielder is now the next target, according to 'L'Équipe'. They estimate that it is worth between 50 and 60 million.


When the river sounds, water carries and something like this must be happening to the Seine as it passes through Paris, as it must be close to overflowing. First it was Wijnaldum, then Achraf, Ramos and Donnarumma, who also arrive in the French capital. Four names that change the face of a PSG that promised Neymar, when they renewed him, a megaproject. The biggest headache is Mbappé, who continues to delay his renewal, but in the meantime, Leonardo is fully fulfilling his promise. In fact, you already have the following move in mind: Paul Pogba.

On June 10, the United midfielder, in the concentration with the French team, stated that he had not "received any offer". Neither renewal (contract ends in 2022), nor transfer. However, if he arrived from Paris, he would welcome it, since according to sources close to the 28-year-old footballer in L'Équipe, Pogba is seduced by the idea of playing as a local in the Parc des Princes. What's more, the prestigious newspaper adds the price that would have to be paid to make him change of scene: between 50 and 60 million euros.

The amount is not prohibitive, and less considering the financial muscle that PSG enjoys. In addition, of the four mentioned signings, only Achraf (60 million) has meant a disbursement, separate salaries, since Wijnaldum, Ramos and Donnarumma arrive free. However, you must follow the guidelines set by the Financial Fair Play and for this, before buying again, and dialing the number of the Old Trafford offices, you must sell.

Before, to balance accounts

Days ago the LFP accounts appeared and in them you could see the hole that the Parisians, the French club with the most losses, must face, with 124 million euros. If you want to avoid a wake-up call, sales must total 180 million. It is a lot, of course, but Leonardo has to work on his biggest must, the exits (buying with solvency, but selling is another story), if he wants to avoid the yoke of debt that could come with its consequent penalties.

There are several 'salable' players. Areola, whose assignment at Fulham has revalued him and has no place with the arrival of Donnarumma and the presence of Keylor; Kehrer, who has not convinced despite the strong bet that was made for him (37 million); Rafinha, who has not counted too much for Pochettino; Sarabia, one of the Eurocopa revelations, but no place in the Argentine's schemes; Gueye and Paredes, important to Poche, but with a good poster; or Icardi, to whom Moise Kean has paid with the currency that the former Inter player used with Cavani a year before.

A lot of candidate, but as L'Équipe relates, not everyone wants to go out and special emphasis should be placed on the center of the field, since the final idea of this facelift is none other than to go after Pogba. The messages that arrive are confusing, yes. Raiola made it clear that his client's relationship with the Red Devils had an expiration date. However, the statements served as a springboard for a player who had walked in doubt up to that point. His end of the year was fantastic, crowned with a great (despite Les Bleus' early elimination) Eurocup, and in Manchester they want to renew him. However, always according to the information reported by the aforementioned medium, he considers that the time has come to pack his bags again. If so, surely PSG will not be the only team that knocks on your door ...

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