Pintus gets serious with Hazard

Ancelotti needs him and the foundations have been laid. Pintus sent him a physical plan that he is following and avoids being sedentary.


Eden Hazard, now or never. Ancelotti has set out to try to get the most out of Gareth Bale in his last year of contract and offer the Belgian the platform to make him relevant again at Real Madrid. Carletto analyzed the squad on his return and given the difficulty of signing Mbappé, he drew lines to find a plan with which to bring back the best performances of the Belgian star, those of his years at Chelsea. His five goals in two years in white are a problem for which Ancelotti, together with Antonio Pintus, has drawn up a plan to try to recover a more toned Hazard.

The first who will have to do his part is Hazard, who already knows that he does not have the media lightning rod and within the club itself that was Zidane, his staunch defender. Also that, if there is an offer for him, Real Madrid would study it. He has run out of mattress. Much of his credit was played with Madrid in the tug of war in recovering from his last injuries; He did it by betting on looking good at the Eurocup and the result was not as expected. He neither shone nor was able to make a tournament without ailments: in fact he missed the quarterfinals against Italy with a small muscle injury.

Lieven Maesschalck is the key person in all things Hazard's fitness. The kinesiologist and head of the Belgian team's physiotherapy department never agreed with the methods of Grégory Dupont or the club's chief doctor, Dr. Mihic. During his stay with the Red Devils in the Euro he received the advice to go during his holidays to a clinic in Belgium specialized in treating the hips of footballers with knee and ankle problems. In part, to monitor muscle injuries early in the preseason. Pintus will have to find harmony with a Maesschalck who once again dropped his friction with Madrid during the Euro: "I know the situation that Eden went through, but I don't want to insist on that, it wouldn't help anyone, not Eden either. past ".

But as much as Hazard trusts Maesschalck and the Rode Duivels doctors, Antonio Pintus is in charge. The Belgian received the instructions that the coach has sent telematically to the squad so that when they return to Valdebebas they have a physical base and where other summers he has been seen delivered to sedentary lifestyle, in this he has been more active. Last week he was at a basketball campus in Milan with Raphael Varane and was seen to be in apparently better physical condition than that shown in previous summer breaks.Pintus, pending

Once in Madrid, Hazard is going to have to put the batteries. With Pintus, daily tests of strength, elasticity, speed and resistance are mandatory, as well as a start with a lot of race, something that seemed banished from the preseason but that with the Italian coach is essential, and in the first sessions even with hypoxia masks to simulate an environment of altitude. With Hazard there will be no exceptions. If in the first contact the medical green light is given to the complete recovery of that little break that suffered with Belgium, Eden will sweat. Madrid's intention is for Hazard to take advantage of this preseason more and better than the last two. It's the toll to pay if you want to outrun the Crystal Hazard.

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