Pellegrini is left without a goal

Betis were unable to score in their last two games and that inefficiency awakens more deficiencies in a squad with hardly any reinforcements this summer.


Betis were unable to score in their last two stakes this summer. He didn't do it against Wolverhamtpon or against a seemingly inferior Derby County. Neither Loren, nor Borja Iglesias nor Fekir responded from the tip of the Verdiblanco attack and Pellegrini doubts are multiplied less than three weeks before the start of the League. The ineffectiveness of your team in recent friendlies is a warning for the imminent future: Do you need a twist in your offensive zone? The market does not present many opportunities and the club focuses its sights on bringing in the center-back to replace Aissa Mandi.

Before the Derby County, of the English Second, the verdiblanco team forgave several times at the feet of Aitor Ruibal and Nabil Fekir. Pellegrini put Loren in the lead during the first half, then placed Fekir himself as a forward and finished with Borja Iglesias on stage. Neither helped prevent the second setback this summer. Pellegrini, for the moment, cares little about this inefficiency and focuses his fears in other areas of the field that give a lot to his opponents. But the unknown also reigns in that offensive zone and it does not seem easy for the club to move to bring a player who makes a difference in the last meters.

The exit factor is also full of questions. Loren has no offers of guarantees on the table and his career to convince Pellegrini starts again. Like that of Borja Iglesias to be confirmed that he can give continuity to his second leg of last season. Juanmi, meanwhile, is also an asset that does not aspire to an absolute role in the coach's plan. Without starts, there will be no arrivals in this part of the field, despite the fact that the needs of the team in three competitions can skyrocket if the sensations do not change.

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