Parejo breaks in a lackluster draw between Villarreal and Levante

The Coslada midfielder lasted ten minutes on the pitch and had to retire on a stretcher due to a calf injury 13 days before the final of the European Super Cup.


Villarreal and Levante signed the tables in the return to the ring of Unai Emery's men after the positives detected in the squad. Dani Parejo's injury at the beginning marked the evolution of a very preseason match, with less rhythm than usual and, as a consequence, lack of chances. 13 days before the final of the Europoa Super Cup, the situation of the Coslada midfielder is worrying, who had to leave on a stretcher after withdrawing from the pitch on his own foot due to a problem in the calf of his right leg.

Villarreal, with an eleven marked by the team's losses, dominated the ball with a clean exit from their centrals, always trying to look for Parejo, on top of granota players, and finding depth on the sides, especially with the incorporations of Peña on the right.

Al Levante, despite the first ownership of the Campaign in the preseason, lacked clarity when it came to elaborating and even releasing into space, with the legs still somewhat tender at this point in the preseason.

The control of Villarreal, however, declined with the departure of Parejo due to injury after ten minutes of the meeting. The image worried more if possible with the departure of the Coslada midfielder on a stretcher on the side of the field.

There the visitors began to find spaces to generate danger. In that situation, Campaña enjoyed and Levante began to appear at Jorgensen's goal. The goalkeeper had to take a foul from the Andalusian that crept into the squad after a foul scratched by the Valencian veteran on the edge. The striker, yes, the expulsion was played with an unintelligible entry on Cuenca. Soldier in essence.

After the break, Villarreal presented a more recognizable team with Mandi, Capoue, Pedraza or Trigueros; surrounded, yes, by the Iosifovs, Millán and Baena. While Paco López was shaking the eleven without excessive rotations, with tomorrow's game against Valencia in mind. At 60 minutes, however, the remaining eleven changed completely. Thus dividing the load into two very marked groups.

Without Parejo or Campaign in the field, the game took on another meaning. It lost in quality. Despite the fact that Capoue and Trigueros commanded from the center of the field, it was difficult for Villarreal to reach the rooms of Aitor Fernández. The defenses clearly outweighed the attacks on both sides of the pitch.

The scare of the yellow '5' marked the future of a meeting with clear preseason tints. Solo De Frutos shook up the rhythm, breaking his pair on the right. Brugui, just entered, was close to scoring his first goal as granota, but Mario Gaspar was very attentive. Mario and Millán emulated the other way. The only actions with some danger in 90 minutes.

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