Pacheta trusts the national team: "Spain will beat Italy"

The Blanquivioleta coach reviewed the current aspects of football at SER. From the Red game this afternoon to his goal as a Real Valladolid coach.


José Rojo, Pacheta, Real Valladolid coach, is convinced that "Spain is going to win" "against Italy and argues" they are very good and have a run of noses, but one day you have to lose. The more games you win, the closer you are to defeat. It's going to be a tremendous game. "In the interview carried out by SER in Valladolid, the pucelano coach explains that" the national team is something that unites us all. The whole national football is also a locomotive, so that people become members of the clubs, but for those of us who work in it, Spanish football is a hell of a motor ".

Beyond the current situation of the national team, Pacheta focused on Real Valladolid and explained that "the one who commands the squad is the club and I am sure that the club will put the best players it can in my hands". declares that "I am not going to put pressure on the club, my job is to get performance from those I have, it is to make them better, that they believe in the group, the fans, the club, the city and I have to get the players run for the children of the one next to me, for their father, for their grandmother ", ending" when you are able to run for the one next to me, the goals you can achieve are unimaginable ".

The coach, very clear in all his answers, stated that if a player wants to leave, "he does not have to go to me. He will have to go to the sports department, which is the one that gives the registrations and withdrawals, not me. My Responsibility, I repeat, is to get the best performance from each one of them "discarding efforts for anyone and" I am going to demand commitment ", insisting that" we have to work like the one who works the hardest and best, to ensure that the players can do many efforts and do not break ".

The Burgos repeated that his team will be "brave, compact and we have to get used to winning" and stated that "I am sure that some player will come because it always happens. Now it is time to start, but surely someone will arrive", explaining that He does not want to wear himself out on that, but instead on "using my energy so that everyone is happy, content, wanting to work" and being very clear when stating that "if I had to make decisions about the players, the The position is another. It's called something else. I'm a coach and my job is to train the players that the club puts in my hands. "

He did not haggle praise to Fran Sánchez, Real Valladolid sports director, of whom he said: "He is a person I admire, who I love and with whom I am very excited to work with him. He is, as the visible head, the that he is going to make the decisions together with the rest of the club "and he defended his performance" I know they are working hard and as quickly as possible (to get players out). I am not going to put more pressure ".

Finally, Mister Pucelano was once again forceful about the reason why he came to Valladolid: "I have come to promote, we want to do it directly, of course. But nobody forget that both the club and I have risen sixth. First objective? 65 points that assures us the playoff. Second? 80 points that is direct promotion ... but the first of all is to beat Las Palmas ".

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