Pacheta becomes the vaccine of optimism

The coach manages, through his attitude and his statements, to improve the mood of a team, of a club, of a fans still in mourning for the last relegation.


Pacheta, pachetismo, floods everything right now at Real Valladolid. Any statement by him raises the morale of the troop, his messages increase the level of the illusion of a fans disenchanted with the club, with the team, due to the relegation, due to the pandemic, for not having been able to stay on that good wave of identification of the white-and-violet fan with his team. Each phrase of the Burgos coach is a hole covered in the cracks that the common people of Valladolid felt last season. And he does so by praising the work, the effort, showing his complete identification with the project. He already said it from day one "I am going to ask for a total commitment" from whoever stays. And he does not complain. Not even how long the squad is currently or the number of casualties it already has, starting with Alcaraz's positive.

Y is that Pacheta is all illusion and optimism, from the first statement, "the first impressions are fantastic, I am delighted" regarding the beginning of the work with the players and then he talks about work: "We are trying to establish our model, trying to repeat what We have done very well, adjusting breakfast, daily work, prevention, recovery, food ", insisting on what has become a mantra:" We have to work harder and better to get closer to victory. to work hard, but to work well "and he pointed out that one of his objectives:" is to make the players better ", while he pointed out that" I want to get to the first game (in Las Palmas) like planes.

The coach explained that "the double sessions (like the one today), when played from Sunday to Sunday, is more difficult because we take a long time to train in the morning. The player arrives at 8:45, has breakfast, at 9 : 20 They all go to the gym to do individualized preventive work, every day, strength work, field work, recovery. There are several ways, they choose how they want to do it, stretching, I work with the physical trainer, they eat and they They march. In the afternoons there will be voluntary sessions with controlled work and then there will be specific work with some players or an afternoon work, with the whole group, very specific ". Faced with this day-to-day detail, Pacheta stressed that "at one-thirty, two, they can be out, it depends on the little time they have after the meal, which is what it is for. That the player knows the one next door, if his father is healthy or if he has problems with his children or with his wife. Knowing the one next door is as important as training. When you run next door you get interesting things. "

Finally, regarding the relationship he will have with Baptista, the coach named today at Promesas, the coach warned that "we will surely have a fluid and wonderful relationship. We like that in training there is the subsidiary, the youth, we shoot more than them. I know in the category they are in, very hard and they will have my full help. "

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