Oviedo continues to look to the international market

With the incorporation of Jirka, there are 3 of 4 signings from abroad. The profile continues to be that of young players with a projection


Erik Jika became the fourth signing of Oviedo this season in a market that advances at a calm pace just one month after the start of the competition and abounds in the idea that the blue club is aware of the international market as Rubén had already warned Reyes, sports director of the Carbayón team, in his coming-out. Jirka, who comes from the Red Star and signs for two years plus another optional, joins Cornud (French) and Matheus (Brazilian) in that turn announced to the foreign market.

The four transfers completed to date (David Costas is the other) have several points in common. Category knowledge is one of them. Another, which is about young footballers, 23 years in the case of Jirka, with projection to grow in Oviedo. Reyes wants to create value in the blue entity.

With Jirka, Ziganda has another component for the attack front, a player who can adapt to the extreme as he demonstrated last year at Mirandés, where he left a good feeling before returning to the Red Star. He will fight with Sangalli and Borja for a position on the sides of the Carbayón attack.

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