Ouviña alarm

The Zaragoza escort left the match against France injured. He has a right hamstring problem and is awaiting tests.


The double Spain-France confrontation of Martín Carpena ended up in the hospital twice. After the Juancho Hernangómez problem, it was Cristina Ouviña who withdrew injured from Carpena with a problem in the right quadriceps.

The base of Valencia Basket, 30 years old, one of the most prominent in the last Eurobasket, was transferred to the Quirón de Málaga for immediate tests. If he suffered a break, his competition in the Olympic Games would be in jeopardy.

"Ouviña's has been a puncture in the hamstring. Let's see what it has because half a centimeter is a week off. If it has a broken centimeter ... It seems that a black cat has looked at us," said the coach Lucas Mondelo.

Photos from as.com
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