Official: Oltra will continue on the Fuenlabrada bench

The Valencian coach and the Azulón club make public what was an open secret. In addition, he is already immersed in the construction of the template.


Fuenlabrada has made official what has long been an open secret: Jose Luis Oltra will continue to lead Fuenlabrada for one more season. The negotiations came to fruition some time ago but it is today when the azulón club has given it official status.

The Valencian coach arrived at Fernando Torres in February and managed to secure his stay several days in advance, which meant the extension of his contract. In addition, the team showed a football that was not supported by the results since there were several occasions in which the victory narrowly escaped them.

The desire to continue in Fuenlabrada by Oltra has been total for some time. "As for me, I can only say that I would like to continue here," said the coach at the press conference prior to the last day of the league. So much so that, as Melgar stated in Onda Fuenlabrada, the Valencian was also in charge of making the squad 2021-22.

Now, that the continuity of Oltra is already a fact, the coach has pointed out to the club's media: "Since my arrival I have worked very comfortably in Fuenlabrada and I am very happy to continue here. Hopefully this year we can compete for beautiful things and have close to our fans so that they can enjoy by our side ".

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