Norris makes McLaren history

The Briton becomes the driver with the most consecutive races scoring alongside those of Woking, beating champions such as Alonso or Hamilton.


The decision to bet carries an implicit percentage of risk that accompanies a game that can only have two endings: error or success. The wow factor puts even the most thoughtful decisions in jeopardy and yet it seems McLaren can be at ease with the choice they made three seasons ago. In 2019, Lando Norris disembarked in the garage of those from Woking with the recent coming of age and the pressure to stay in a world as competitive as the Great Circus, where it did not take too long to become one of the most popular names. highlights of the grid and also, in the history of the legendary British team despite its short career in the World Cup.

Beyond the two great protagonists who are playing the title of the contest (Hamilton and Verstappen), Lando has become one of the great protagonists of this season, being the only driver on the entire grid who has seen the flag checkered in all the races held to date and the most important thing, both for him and for the team, is that he has always done it within the points. Of the ten tests that have been contested in this 2021, the McLaren driver has signed nine top-5 (three of them on the podium) out of ten possible, establishing an unappealable regularity that in addition to consolidating his quality jump on Sundays ( Until now it was the pending task), it also helps him to march third in the general with 113 points in his locker.The numbers do not allow him to fight face to face with Verstappen and Lewis, because they fight for more ambitious objectives also benefited by the performance of their cars, but it has allowed him to reach and surpass McLaren legends in the number of consecutive races finishing within the points. Norris's streak comes from the last GP of Emilia Romagna, where he finished eighth. Since then, the Briton has never fallen from a top-10 that, after fourth place at Silverstone, allows him to link a 15-race scoring streak. Who does he unseat from the ranking? Neither more nor less than even Fernando Alonso who reaped 14 races in a row scoring in 2007, the season where the Asturian landed in the Woking team to share a garage with a Hamilton, who has also been surpassed by his compatriot in this classification.

Hamilton, off the podium

The seven-time champion linked a streak of 10 consecutive races adding points to his score between the 2010 and 2011 seasons, to complete a drawer from which Lando leaves him and in which Mika Hakkinen now inherits the third position. The two-time champion stayed 12 races in a row within the points between the San Marino GP and the Italian GP in the 2000 season and just one appointment later, in the United States, he said a goodbye that in the case of the current star of the The team, still and except for surprise, will take time to arrive. Norris is now the most experienced driver in the McLaren garage, the car begins to work and triumph with one of the most successful teams in F1, the dream of any driver.

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