Neymar explodes against his liking to cheer on Argentina

The Brazilian winger entered the controversy over several Brazilian fans who will support Argentina in the final. "Respect, but go to hell," he said.


Brazilian Neymar affirmed this Thursday that this Saturday's game against Argentina in Rio de Janeiro to define the Copa América title is the final he always dreamed of playing. "It was the final that I always dreamed of playing. The final that everyone who likes football expects from a Copa América. A Brazil-Argentina, a classic of many years for both teams to be great," declared Neymar in a video released by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) after training.

"It is for all the titles they have already won, for all those who have already passed through the national teams, for those that exist today. For me it is an honor to be part of this team of Brazilian players. It is obvious that the desire to win is immense "he stressed.

Neymar recalled that in the final of the last Copa América, which Brazil conquered in 2019 against Peru at the Maracana Stadium, he had to watch the game from the stands because he had been separated due to injury before starting the tournament. "I suffered a lot, I was very strong. Only at the same time I knew that I could have been there on the court and, unfortunately, because of an injury I was left out. It is my first Copa América final and I am going with everything to win this title. "he said.

He also highlighted his friendship with Argentine star Lionel Messi, with whom he shared a dressing room at Barcelona. "I always said it. He is the best player I have seen play. He is a great friend, only now we are in a final and we are rivals. I want to win this title, that as he is the first too. I know that he has struggled a lot for a title with Argentina. If I was not and was not Brazil I was always a fan of Argentina, "said Neymar.

Before the statements, the Paris Saint Germain striker had published on social networks criticisms against the Brazilians who will make force in favor of Argentina. "I am Brazilian with a lot of pride and with a lot of love. I never made or will force him against Brazil, even if he is playing any sport, beauty contest or an Oscar. If Brazil is there, I am Brazil. fuck it. "wrote the forward.

The winger Danilo, the hitch Éverton Cebolinha and the creative Lucas Paquetá, among others, also made statements to the CBF television channel, in which they highlighted the "historic match" of Canarinha against Argentina and the power to have Neymar in that final. "Playing with Neymar also gives me enormous peace of mind," said Lucas Paquetá, who with goals and outstanding performances so far in the Copa América has made a place in the starting line-up of the Brazilian team.

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