Neither transfer nor sale ... yet

The change of ownership in Real Zaragoza has not been completed, which has frozen the signings and keeps Zaragoza in suspense, but the negotiations are still underway.


César Alierta, Real Zaragoza's largest shareholder, has given his nephews and directors of the sports corporation, Fernando Sainz de Varanda and Juan Uguet, the express order that they close the sale of their share package as soon as possible (50.56 % of share capital), but the negotiations are taking much longer than expected and that has completely paralyzed all the sports programming of the Aragonese team, at the same time that it keeps all Zaragoza in suspense, and with a triggered concern. So there are no signings or sales. Or what is more precise, there are no signings because there is still no agreement for the sale.The only certainty about this long and complex process is that the conversations at the highest level have been ongoing, for two weeks with the logical secrecy that an operation of this magnitude requires, with credits and guarantees signed with Ibercaja and CaixaBank, payment commitments very pressing and a net debt of 71 million euros.

As AS has been telling, two investment groups are finalizing their entry into Real Zaragoza, a Mexican group, whose identity is unknown, which maintains a constant dialogue with the director Fernando de Yarza through the company Spain Football Capital, and a multinational investment group, with a US parent, whose name has not been disclosed either for confidentiality reasons and which is negotiating directly with the Alierta family, decisive by its majority shareholder to decide the operation.

"We are going to try to close the share transfer process in the coming days and be as satisfactory as possible for Real Zaragoza. We would have liked it to have been closed a few weeks ago, but although we have made every effort to ensure that had occurred, these processes are complicated ", declared last Wednesday the vice president and CEO Sainz de Varanda, a direct negotiator with both groups.

Alierta has absolutely decided to leave Real Zaragoza, which foreshadows a scenario for the agreement, but while the sale is agreed with one of the two groups, at least through a kind of deposit contract, the entire transfer chapter is in the air, because the sale and the millions that the buyer group injects into the SAD will depend on the salary limit that the Aragonese club will have in this 2021-22 season: the income for the year must be deducted from the club's structural expenses and annual debt payments. So everything has to be done on the sporting level, while the calendar is already running at full speed.

Sports director Miguel Torrecilla has several negotiations underway, but Zaragoza is one of the five Second Division teams that has not yet signed, and some objectives have already escaped such as Paulino, signed by Málaga with the freedom letter. Peybernes and Doukouré, for example, are on the right track, but far from closed. Not to mention those who have to leave (Vuckic, Larrazábal ...) or the two or three strikers who should arrive.

Torrecilla is tied hand and foot, apart from the fact that, as AS reported on June 19, he intends to make his position available to the new Real Zaragoza property, either to Mexican businessmen or to the investment group of American capital, to check first-hand to what extent it is committed or not to its continuity in sports management and to know the maximum possible details of the new economic-sports project for Real Zaragoza.

And all this, the Aragonese team has completed its first week of training under the orders of Juan Ignacio Martínez, right now the figure of the club with the highest degree of esteem among the fans, and on Saturday they will play the first friendly in the Teruel field of Pinilla preseason (7:30 p.m.) .

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