Movistar Estudiantes already knows its way in the LEB Oro

The collegiate team will begin and end the season at home against Lleida at home (date and flag to be decided) and Oviedo, respectively.


Movistar Estudiantes already knows the way to fight for promotion in its first season in the LEB Oro in 74 years of history. The schoolboys will start at home against ICG Força Lleida, heir to the legendary Lleida Basketball, which played four seasons in the ACB (2001-2005), but disappeared due to financial problems in July 2012.

The meeting does not have a venue yet: the people of Madrid are currently negotiating with the public administrations a pavilion to be able to play the competition after ten years in a row at the WiZink Center. The old Palace, Madrid Arena and Vistalegre are some of the options that are being considered.

This absence of headquarters means that the day of the debut does not have a defined date yet. The first day starts on Friday, October 8, but it is possible to move the duel to any day of the weekend (both for this duel and for the rest of the League), depending on the availability of the pavilion.

After the initial assault, Movistar will make its first two visits. It will start in Melilla on October 12 and will continue in Palma on the weekend of the 17th of the same month.The LEB Oro

This season the LEB will once again be a single group competition with 18 teams and 34 days. The regular phase will end on May 20 and the leader on that date will automatically be promoted to the Endesa League. The second to climb will be the winner of the playoff, which begins on May 26 and ends on June 18-19 with a Final Four among the four semifinalists. The top two finishers at the end of the first round (January 21) will play the Princess Cup in a single match.

Movistar Estudiantes calendar First round

Matchday 1 08/10/2021

Movistar Students - ICG Força Lleida

Matchday 2 10/12/2021

Melilla Sport Capital Club Melilla Basketball - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 3 10/17/2021

Palmer Alma Mediterrànea Palma - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 4 10/22/2021

Movistar Students - HLA Alicante

Matchday 5 10/29/2021

Juaristi ISB- Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 6 11/05/2021

Movistar Students - CB Prat

Matchday 7 09/11/2021

Tau Castelló - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 8 11/14/2021

Movistar Estudiantes - CB Almansa With Afanion

Matchday 9 11/19/2021

Cáceres World Heritage Site - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 10 12/05/2021

Movistar Students - Real Valladolid Basketball

Matchday 11 12/10/2021

Coviran Granada - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 12 12/17/2021

Movistar Students - Leyma Coruña

Matchday 13 12/21/2021

Acunsa Gipuzkoa - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 14 12/28/2021

Movistar Students - Peñas Huesca

Matchday 15 07/01/2022

Palencia Basketball - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 16 01/14/2022

Movistar Students - Bàsquet Girona

Matchday 17 01/21/2022

Liberbank Oviedo Basketball - Movistar Estudiantes

Second lap

Matchday 18 01/28/2022

ICG Força Lleida - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 19 02/01/2022

Movistar Students - Melilla Sport Capital Club Melilla Baloncesto

Matchday 20 02/06/2022

Palmer Alma Mediterrànea Palma - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 21 02/18/2022

HLA Alicante - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 22 03/06/2022

Movistar Students - Juaristi ISB

Matchday 23 03/11/2022

C.B. Prat - Movistar Students - HLA Alicante

Matchday 24 03/15/2022

Movistar Students - Tau Castelló

Matchday 25 03/20/2022

CB Almansa With Afanion - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 26 03/25/2022

Movistar Estudiantes - Cáceres World Heritage Site

Matchday 27 04/01/2022

Real Valladolid Basketball - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 28 04/08/2022

Movistar Students - Covirán Granada

Matchday 29 04/17/2022

Leyma Coruña - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 30 04/22/2022

Movistar Students - Acunsa Gipuzkoa

Matchday 31 04/29/2022

Peñas Huesca - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 32 05/06/2022

Movistar Students - Palencia Basketball

Matchday 33 05/13/2022

Bàsquet Girona - Movistar Estudiantes

Matchday 34 05/20/

Movistar Students - Liberbank Oviedo Basketball

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