Messi 'plays' for Madrid

"If Leo signs for PSG, Mbappé would come out through the same door. We know that it is a market option. Why not?", They point from the noble floor of the Bernabéu.

In Madrid they do not give up and remain convinced that there is some possibility of consummating this summer the great strategic operation of the next ten years: the signing of Kylian Mbappé. The difficulty of the matter is due to the intransigence of Al Khelaifi, president of PSG, and the reluctance of the State of Qatar to assume a transfer that could tarnish its image as a "non-selling" club.But in Madrid there is a written hope to crystallize the dream signing of the French star with five letters that will surprise many: Messi. Yes, each day that passes without the Argentine signing his renewal with Barça, a club with which he has contractually dissociated since July 1, reinforces PSG's dream of hiring the Argentine star. It is an express request from Pochettino, his compatriot, and falls within that batch of "great sports project" that Al Khelaifi promised Neymar to convince him to renew his contract until 2025, as the Brazilian did.

Neymar is a close friend of Messi and has repeatedly said that he would like to play with him again. As his transfer to Barça failed last summer and now it would be utopian due to the economic situation of the Barça club, the option that is gaining strength is for PSG to convince the Argentine to become part of its new project with faces like Sergio Ramos , Wijnaldum or Donnarumma. For PSG, the arrival of Messi would have a worldwide impact and would be the final attempt by the Sheikh and Leonardo, sports director, to assault that Champions that continue to resist them.What does Madrid have to do with this chess game? A lot, because if Leo signs for the Parisian club it is impossible for PSG to be able to support Kylian in its payroll, since it is unfeasible for Financial Fair Play to maintain a squad with three top-caliber payrolls that Neymar, Mbappé and in this case Messi (Barça has asked for 70 million per year tax-free) .

The Valdebebas offices have a clear tactic to follow. Do not move until Mbappé himself moves it, who has already threatened to launch a public message asking his club to at least negotiate his departure this summer. Otherwise, he will continue to refuse to sign the renewal with PSG and thus he would be free to go wherever he wants on June 30, 2022. But the illusion is to accelerate everything to this same summer and that is where Messi would enter the scene."If Leo signs for PSG, Kylian would come out through the same entrance door. We know that it is a market option. Why not?", They point from the noble floor of the Bernabéu. The summer promises to be long and it is clear that each day that passes without Messi renewed for Barça increases the illusion in Madrid of an acceleration of the dreamed signing of Mbappé. Leo, this time you 'play' for Madrid ...

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