McLaren confirms Zak Brown's COVID-19 positive

The Woking team announces three positive cases ahead of the British GP, including that of the CEO of McLaren Racing.


McLaren confirmed this Thursday the positive for COVID-19 of Zak Brown, head of the company's competition programs. The North American leader will therefore not be at Silverstone, although he will participate in team meetings using digital technologies. There have also been two other positive cases in the Woking manufacturer, "none of them related to the drivers", which were found through tests carried out by the team on all its members before traveling to the races. According to the team, "they are not related."

The FIA protocol for the Formula 1 Grand Prix remains unchanged with respect to 2020, with mandatory PCR before attending any race, another one just after arriving at the circuit and one every five days thereafter. Paddock staff, riders included, easily complete three tests throughout each grand prix week. Although some measures have been relaxed in recent months, the teams continue to operate through bubbles so that, in the event of contagion, they do not have to isolate a large group of people.

Each week, after a grand prize, F1 officially communicates the number of tests carried out and the positives found. After the Austrian GP they confirmed an adverse result among 6,097 tests.

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