Mbappé tells Pochettino that he will not renew with PSG

He has joined the job and the Argentine coach already knows from his star that his intention to end up playing for Madrid is firm.


Operation Mbappé has definitively entered its final stretch. He does it with the return to work of the star. As reported by this newspaper, the crack anticipated his return, which was scheduled for next Monday, and is already training in the fields of the Loges Sports City. On Thursday his presence was limited to the pertinent analyzes, sampling and weighing, but, as AS has learned, he also had time to meet with Pochettino for a few minutes. In that informal talk, typical of the reunion, the footballer has already told the coach that, although he gets used to the idea that PSG does not want to sell him this summer and has to play this season at PSG, his intention is firm: not to renew and go out, if not this summer, the next one.

Mbappé's relationship with Pochettino is excellent. Since the Argentine coach took over at PSG, the star has been devoted to his work method. So much so, that one of the reasons why, after Zidane's departure, Madrid probed the signing of the former Tottenham coach, was precisely because that gave him a position of even greater strength in his adventure of hiring Mbappé. Pochettino has been very understanding with Mbappé after hearing his intentions to leave the entity to go to Real Madrid. There is little to do because everything depends on PSG. It is clear that he has his best player if he finally stays, and that it is his wish to have a more competitive team, but Pochettino understands that his star wants to seize the opportunity of his life to wear white.

The PSG leaders already know from Mbappé himself that he has no intention of renewing his contract, which expires in 2022. The player made it very clear to two directors of the entity just after France was eliminated from the last European Championship . At the time, the player was very low-spirited and somewhat angry at being the target of all the criticism, even more so after missing his penalty in the decisive shoot-out.For this reason, seeing the footballer's nervousness, PSG called him to a new meeting after his vacation to talk about his future. But always on the basis of trying to renew it, not negotiating with Real Madrid. The player has already notified the Parisian entity that he is willing to play this year that he has left there, but not to sign a new contract. Either way, that meeting has not yet occurred nor is there a specific date marked on the calendar.

All the parties involved in Operation Mbappé understand that the definitive phase has been entered. The times from now on are clear. PSG has the first official match on August 1. The French Super Cup against Lille, league champions. In no case would Mbappé be ready to play that game, but he would be ready for the first in the League to be played on the 8th against Troyes. As the days go by, Madrid will have a harder time getting Mbappé out of his golden cage.

The player remains very firm in the idea of following the roadmap that he drew with Real Madrid more than a year ago. But, according to AS, his environment was in favor of Real Madrid taking a more active attitude in this final stretch of the operation. Not so much in the public statements that their leaders could make, but in that internal pressure that is feasible with calls from president to president. The reality is that PSG will let its star escape for free if it does not sell it now, because Mbappé will sign with Real Madrid, in that case, in January 2022. He will be able to do so and continue playing the remainder of the campaign in Paris .

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