'Operation Mbappé' in Mykonos

The Real Madrid striker has pampered his relationship with the PSG player during the European Championship and now they share a holiday destination in Mykonos.


Many Real Madrid players assume the position of ambassador of the white club when they hang up their boots. Benzema has not waited for that moment to exercise it informally. The forward has taken his redeeming call-up with the French national team as a golden opportunity to convince Mbappé to sign for Real Madrid. He has been close to him during the entire concentration of the Eurocup and now both players share a vacation destination. They have not been seen together, but the publications that, with just hours of each other, the popular Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, better known as Salt Bae, has done with both in his restaurant Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Mykonos (Greece) reveal that Karim and Kylian meet on the Greek island.

Despite being by age and experience (Benzema, 33, was returning to Les Bleus with 81 caps already in his boots) the younger of the two, Mbappé, 22, assumed the role of Cicerone of the Madridista on his return to the list of Deschamps after almost six years of absence. Shortly after the call for the Euro was known, the PSG player published a photomontage on his social networks to welcome the white 9.

Already in the concentration, Mbappé was very close to Benzema, with whom he was expressive and affectionate. Photos together, reactions to their work in training, complicity when they met on the bench ... "Mbappé is a phenomenon. I was able to train with him and we played with one touch. There is a lot of dynamism and he has a lot of speed. He has quality against the team. goal. He's a very good player, I don't have to say so. Those words, worthy of being reflected in a 'scouting' report, were Benzema's impressions after experiencing what it is like to work with the latest jewel of French football.The tournament was not particularly brilliant for France or for Mbappé, who said goodbye to the European Championship without scoring and with the penalty slab missed in the penalty shoot-out against Switzerland. But Benzema did score two doublets against Portugal and the Helvetians and the good connection between them was seen. Karim's first goal against the still reigning European champion was a penalty provoked by Mbappé and he assisted the madridista in the first goal against Switzerland. In the first match, against Germany, Benzema was Kylian's biggest supplier of balls, with twelve passes. A society that does not break ties on vacation and wants to bring its connection to the Bernabéu ... 444 444

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