Mbappé goes according to plan

The roadmap indicated that the player had to take the next step: officially say at PSG that he does not want to renew his contract.


Mbappé's movement revealed by L'Équipe, Mbappé's announcement to PSG that he will not renew his contract, is the best news that Madrid could have in their intention to sign him this summer. It is the confirmation that the Plan is moving forward. AS already reported in recent days that on the roadmap that had been marked it was the player who had to take the next step. Officially say in PSG that he wants to leave the entity and that he has no intention of renewing his contract ... And he has given it. Or, at least, halfway, because, according to information from L'Équipe, at the moment the only thing the star has said is that he has no intention of renewing but has the intention of rushing his contract.

This option, to announce that you want to rush your contract, has a clear reading. The strategy set by Real Madrid and Mbappé tries not to force the situation or create a conflict. It is clear that the economic power of PSG, owned by an investment fund of the State of Qatar, makes any negotiation very different. The owners of PSG do not care about money. It is a matter of pride. And that is why they want to try, in addition, to renew the star even with a short contract that allows him to be at PSG during the Qatar World Cup, which will be played in autumn 2022, in two seasons.

The machinery for the signing of Mbappé, therefore, has been definitively put into operation. Madrid has no choice but to wait for the days to go by and Nasser Al Khelaifi conveys to the PSG owners the reality of the situation: that Mbappé wants to sign for Real Madrid and Madrid, sign the star. And that the best option to get a slice of that situation is for the outcome to occur this summer, which would leave around 150 million in the coffers of the Parisian entity, which would alleviate its situation with respect to the Financial Fair Play.

That was Madrid's roadmap: Mbappé's firm position, called to make a formal offer to PSG or express his intention to buy it and wait for the financial fair play to do the rest. In this sense, the context created by the Super League plays against the white entity, as Ceferin has recently said that UEFA is considering "freeing up investment to get out of the crisis derived from the pandemic." In addition, it is intended to change the rules of the FFP, not only opening the tap to investment, but also changing the model and creating a tax for the rich according to which the clubs that spend the most are obliged to pay more and that this figure is distributed among modest football. This new model will benefit the State clubs. Either way, the change is so abrupt that it is not expected in the short term.

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