Mbappé expects Real Madrid to take a radical turn

The environment of the PSG player aspires that Real Madrid make a 'final sprint' in the next two weeks pressing for its sale this summer.


From within PSG they do not want to set a date yet for Mbappé's return to training. Aware of the importance of the return of their star to the discipline of the entity, with its future being so up in the air, they limit themselves to saying that it will be within ten days. And the case of the attacker thus enters definitively in its final stretch. In the next 15 days (because PSG actually plays its first official match on August 1, the Super Cup against Lille), there will be a solution to the mystery: if Mbappé stays in the Parisian team for one more season without renewing or if it is finally transferred to Madrid this summer. After that moment, it will be very difficult for the situation to change.In any case, as AS has learned from sources who have participated in the conversations about the player's future, the Mbappé clan aspires for Madrid to give a radical turn to its passive stance in these decisive days and put pressure on PSG seeking the transfer. For now, the attitude of the white club has been firm in that it does not want to antagonize such an economically powerful entity with PSG. There are recent experiences from the past that indicate that the route of force is not the best path with the club owned by the state of Qatar. It was demonstrated by Barça's interest in Verrati. The Italian player and the Barça club forced the situation and Verratti ended up staying in Paris… and PSG signing Neymar after paying his 222 million clause.

But now it is the environment of Mbappé himself that pursues an immediate outcome. They consider that starting the season at PSG without having renewed will be a complicated and stressful situation for the player, who despite everything remains very clear that he will not renew to fulfill his dream of wearing the Madrid shirt. So much so, that if PSG cannot convince him to extend his contract in Paris before January 1, a few days later the star will sign for the white club despite having half a season left to play for PSG. FIFA regulations on the transfer of players allow a player to negotiate or sign with any club after entering the last six months of their contract.

It could be thought that waiting for January 1, all parties win. Madrid because it does not have to face the 150 million euros in which it is estimated that the operation can be done this summer, and the player because he will charge a succulent transfer bonus that can be around 20 or 30 million euros. But by now it has become clear that Mbappé is not making the economic issue prevail. Otherwise he would have accepted the last renewal offer that Leonardo put on the table and that brought his salary closer to the 37 million euros net per campaign that Neymar charges. In Madrid, it will not exceed the 25 that it charges now.

"The future of Mbappé enters some momentous days", sources familiar with the situation regarding the star acknowledge to this newspaper. To date, Real Madrid has only conducted an informal survey on Mbappé's situation in Paris and found a blunt answer: "It is not for sale." But now it is in your power to take the initiative, especially before the first official game is played on August 1. That is what he wants in the environment of the footballer himself. Then, once the forward has played a game (after the Super Cup on August 1, Ligue 1 starts on the 8th) everything will get complicated, although the market will remain open until August 31.Impossible the 'ProMadrid Clause' if it renews.

The latest news that has emerged about Madrid's position in the Mbappé case is that it will not alter its roadmap and that it will not go to war for the player. It even has reports that PSG must sell players worth 150 million euros to square the figures for the Financial Fair Play. And that's what he keeps holding on to. But as the days go by, the situation becomes more tense, especially for Mbappé, who is the one who is risking the most not only in terms of image with the French fans, they understand from the footballer's environment, but also before the possibility that he falls seriously injured in the first half of the season. Mbappé will have to play for five full months, from August to December, without securing a future contract while waiting for him to sign for Madrid in January.If he does not do the operation now, Madrid also runs a certain risk of being left without the player, who will obviously continue to be pressured by PSG to renew. If he signs a new contract with PSG he will definitely walk away, since the possibility of including a pro-Madrid clause that would allow him to go to the Bernabéu for a predetermined amount of money is, nowadays, unfeasible. French legislation does not leave any loophole, and they have sought for a long time, to sign any type of termination clause such as the one that allowed, for example, Neymar to go to Paris in exchange for 222 million.

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