Maverick Viñales: all or nothing

The one from Roses speaks for the first time since announcing his goodbye to Yamaha, about the possibilities he has for 2022. The sabbatical year, an option.


Whoever plays has to know how to lose and on the Yamaha board, the figure of Maverick Viñales has been defeated after five years playing to try to win. Not because he has not released the victory counter next to the house of the tuning forks, he adds eight wins to the handlebars of the M1, but rather because of the absence of realistic opportunities that have nominated him as a favorite for a title with which the pilot of Roses keeps dreaming. And convinced that he has the potential to do so, his way of committing himself to the team has been by being totally sincere and abandoning a project where he is limited: “There is a problem, I know where I can go, and I will not go there (with Yamaha). to arrive. I have to find the way and find my way. ”

What is that path? Not even Maverick himself knows. For the first time since he announced his break with the Japanese firm, the one from Roses has spoken after a test day in Montmeló about a future, which is completely up in the air: “Now everything is stopped, I want to enjoy my holidays because the The first part of the season has been quite tough ”. The option of Aprilia sounded very strong, one of the five possibilities that Viñales would have to continue competing next season, but the Spaniard has put an end to speculation: “I have nothing with anyone. I want to take it easy and we'll see what happens ”. He does not rule out Noale's house, after assuring that "he has improved a lot with Aleix", but the door is closed in the team that gave him the possibility of making his debut in the highest category.

"Suzuki I have not contemplated", acknowledges Maverick, on a mount that currently is not even the shadow of the one with which he made his debut in MotoGP. But the truth is that the Japanese structure has in its ranks the current champion of the category and a potential aspirant, who is also waiting for his moment. The reality of the category means that the possibilities of the Roses rider are limited, while that of Ducati once again sounds like a feasible destination after a first rejection. The Borgo Panigale team manager, Davide Tardozzi, was very elegant closing the door on Viñales when asked about a possible incorporation: “We are very happy with the performance of Miller, 'Pecco', Zarco and Martín”. However, at that time there was no alliance with Valentino Rossi's team, which adds two more Desmosedici to the grid.

A sabbatical

Although his decision, yes or yes, entails a change of scene that will have nothing to do with life at Yamaha, Maverick makes it clear what he wants in his new project: “I am not looking for a different environment, I am looking for confidence. I want to find a group that I trust and from there, continue to build ”. Although the ideas are very clear, the requirement of the World Cup means that there is the possibility of not meeting all the requirements. And if this were to happen, the one in Roses also has a plan B that, although it is somewhat hasty, it would not be too traumatic due to how the market would look for 2023. The sabbatical year is the last option, but it is also in the deck, "It is clear that it would not be the most optimal, but if you are not comfortable and you do not just enjoy it" ..., then it will be the definitive one.

In the midst of all the uncertainty, the answer to when their future will be resolved only continues to generate unknowns: "I want to take it easy because it is important to think about oneself and in the end, I will do what most compensates me." All the procedures in this regard will be managed by his environment and on a change that comes after several seasons working on something "that does not make sense", the only certainty is how he will try to say goodbye to one of the brands that all applicants dream of: “I face the remainder of the season to the fullest, I want to win whatever it is. It is necessary to try to be to the maximum and that the rest accompany ”. Although perhaps, with luck, it will be enough.

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