Masi ditch the controversy: "Ricciardo was ahead"

The FIA race director justified the decision not to penalize the Australian or Leclerc for their controversial overtaking of Alonso on the first lap.


Fernando Alonso finished the Austrian GP tenth, feeling like he had missed a great opportunity to score more points this weekend. The Spaniard confessed to the media that he felt "a bit stupid" after respecting the limits of the track, while Ricciardo and Leclerc skipped them, without penalty, to overtake him in the first turn of the exit: "He was in front at the entrance of the they turned and came out with a 15-meter lead. "

The fact that both riders were freaking out after what happened did not sit well with Alpine, who had no choice but to accept it with irony and write it down in his notebook for the next races. "It is very good to go off the track, you save a lot of traffic ... it is interesting for the next races, I learn things, I see where you can go" he alleged.

In a statement to the official F1 website, Michael Masi, FIA race director, was forced to defend the absence of sanctions for Ferrari and McLaren. "One of the things that we have always said, and this has been the case since Paul Ricard 2019, is that on the first lap, and the first corners, a car must start behind the car that entered the corner ahead of him" explained the director .

In order not to give rise to controversy, the Australian assured that the specific action that Fernando protested was reviewed: "We looked at the incident Fernando was referring to, and from the angles that we could see at that time, that was exactly what had happened. All lap 1 incidents are dealt with in a more lenient manner and that has been the case for several years. "

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