"He makes a very clear mistake, he throws me out and I stay last"

Sainz recounts in AS the incident with Russell and the subsequent comeback: "Ten cars in seventeen laps is good, I had fun."


A touch from George Russell to Carlos Sainz on the first lap that the stewards are investigating at this time ruined the Madrid's options in the Silverstone sprint race. However, there was a comeback from the tail of the peloton (he had started ninth) to the final eleventh place, which at least allows him to amend it in the grand prix this Sunday with a Ferrari that complies: Leclerc came out fourth and that's how he finished, without being disturbed the McLaren.

Williams' English is "not quite sure what happened" and waits to see the 'on-board' cameras. Sainz chatted with AS as he got out of the car and explained his version. The Madrilenian has it much clearer: "Russell makes a fairly clear mistake at turn six, he throws me out and I stay last."Then he had to put on the comeback suit, he tells this media: "Ten cars in seventeen laps is fine, I had fun and I think it was a good comeback. Especially because there was a lot of DRS train and I couldn't pass on the straights , I have had to invent overtaking elsewhere. It worked, but it was not a race to finish eleventh. If everything had gone well, I should have been in the top seven ".

For the race, without tire advantage outside the top-10 (everyone can choose their own), it will be necessary to suffer: "There will be no advantage in the first stint or any type of strategic advantage so we will have to manage to see what I can do in this Second part of the comeback. I have already won nine places, I will win another ten (laughs), hopefully. Reaching the McLaren would be the ideal, because then going to the McLarens will be difficult ".

Can you do something different? "It doesn't seem like, it will have to be another sprint race, without strategy, there aren't many options." Regarding the weekend format: "It is more for the fans, let them judge because it is a format created for people to have more fun from home. If they have more fun, it will be good news."

Photos from as.com

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