Madrid offers Vinicius

In the course of negotiations with Manchester United for the sale of Varane, according to The Mirror, the white team would have offered the Brazilian to have more liquidity to bring Mbappe.


During the talks between Manchester United and Real Madrid about Varane, according to the Mirror, Madrid would have offered Vinicius Jr. United, which has already reached an agreement with the French central defender, is now interested in hiring the attacker Brazilian. For now, the main problem of the operation is the price. The most acceptable option, always according to the aforementioned medium, is that of an assignment with a purchase option, since the Madrid entity intends to obtain a sale that is close to 70 million euros and thus reduce costs in order to finance the signing of the only one Madrid's goal this summer, Kylian Mbappe. But it is an unaffordable amount for the Old Trafford team at the moment, considering that they have already signed Jadon Sancho (85 million euros) and are close to closing the Varane operation, an operation that will also mean a great spending. Vinicius likes it in Manchester, but not at any price.

The British media points out that Vinicius is disappointed that Real Madrid is looking to sell him, given that new coach Carlo Ancelotti wanted to retain him. It is not the first time that there has been talk about a possible departure of the forward. In March, PSG showed interest in the Brazilian and wanted to get him into Mbappe's operation. However, the Real Madrid attacker rejected the possibility of leaving the white club and stated in an interview with the TNT Sports Brasil channel that his goal is to stay in the white club "forever." "I want to stay at Real Madrid forever, always building my history and helping the team to score goals and give more assists," he said.Solution to the problem of extra-community places During this summer a new problem has arisen at Real Madrid due to extra-community places. The return of Bale to Madrid, after his assignment at Tottenham, breaks all the schemes of the white club, since after Brexit all British players occupy non-EU positions. The rule indicates that there can only be three in the template. Currently, the Madrid team has four. In addition to Bale, who charges 15 million euros net per season and who, according to his surroundings to this newspaper, will wear white until June 30, 2022, the other players who occupy a non-EU position are Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao. If the LaLiga regulations do not change, Madrid will have to do without one of these players for the league championship.Vinicius was in the process of obtaining dual nationality to stop occupying a non-community position, but the process could not be completed, due to the health pandemic. Given this situation, a possible sale of the Brazilian would solve the problem of the white team, in addition to serving as a source of income to be able to undertake the signing of Mbappe this summer.

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