List of winners of the Tour de France: the laureate list

Tadej Pogacar won the 108th edition of the Tour de France. He is the only Slovenian who has succeeded in Paris. Vingegaard and Carapaz complete the podium.


Tadej Pogacar, at 22, did it again. The Slovenian, for the second consecutive edition, won the Tour de France. And it does so in just ten months, since the 2020 edition was held later because of the pandemic. He dominated with an iron fist from the first week and continues to increase his record in his short career. In this edition he added three stages: a time trial and two in the mountains, in a row, in the Pyrenees. In addition, he also conquers the Mountain, the jersey for the best young man. They are the same conquests he achieved on the previous Tour, and the UAE rider's tyranny does not seem, in the short term, that it is going to end ... although it is cycling and you never know.

On the podium on the Champs-Elysées there is a newcomer, Jonas Vingegaard. The 24-year-old Dane, on his Tour debut, achieves a big haul. And that the head of the Jumbo ranks was Roglic, second in 2020, who left after discomfort due to a fall. His previous participation in a three-week race was in the Vuelta last year, and he finished 46th. The third member of the podium is Richard Carapaz, who in this way rises to the drawer in the three Grand Tours: he won the Giro in 2019, was 2nd in last year's Vuelta and now finishes 3rd in the French race. The best Spaniard was Enric Mas, in sixth position. It was also in 2020, albeit in fifth place.

All Tour de France winners before this edition FIRST SECOND THIRD YEAR 2020T. Pogacar (ESL) P. Roglic (ESL) R. Porte (AUS) 2019E. Bernal (COL) G. Thomas (GBR) S. Kruijswijk (HOL) 2018G. Thomas (GBR) T. Dumoulin (BEL) C. Froome (GBR) 2017C. Froome (GBR) R. Urán (COL) R. Bardet (FRA) 2016C. Froome (GBR) Romain Bardet (FRA) N. Quintana (COL) 2015C. Froome (GBR) No. Quintana (COL) Alejandro Valverde (ESP) 2014 V. Nibali (ITA) JC Peraud (FRA) T. Pinot (FRA) 2013C. Froome (GBR) No. Quintana (COL) J. Rodríguez (ESP) 2012B. Wiggins (GBR) C. Froome (GBR) V. Nibali (ITA) 2011C. Evans (AUS) A. Schleck (LUX) F. Schleck (LUX) 2010A. Schleck (LUX) D. Menchov (RUS) S. Sánchez (ESP) 2009 Alberto Contador (ESP) A. Schleck (LUX) B. Wiggins (GBR) 2008C. Tailor (ESP) C. Evans (AUS) D. Menchov (RUS) 2007 Alberto Contador (ESP) C. Evans (AUS) L. Leipheimer (USA) 2006O. Pereiro (ESP) A. Klöden (ALE) C. Tailor (ESP) 2005 Declared void * I. Basso (ITA) F. Mancebo (ESP) 2004 Declared deserted * A. Klöden (ALE) I. Basso (ITA) 2003 Declared void * J. Ullrich (ALE) A. Vinokourov (AZE) 2002 Declared void * J. Beloki (ESP) R. Rumsas (LIT) 2001 Declared deserted * J. Ullrich (ALE) J. Beloki (ESP) 2000 Declared void * J. Ullrich (ALE) J. Beloki (ESP) 1999 Declared void * A. Zülle (SUI) F. Escartín (ESP) 1998M. Pantani (ITA) J. Ullrich (ALE) B. Julich (USA) 1997J. Ullrich (ALE) R. Virenque (FRA) M. Pantani (ITA) 1996B. Riis (SUI) J. Ullrich (ALE) R. Virenque (FRA) 1995M. Indurain (ESP) A. Zülle (SUI) B. Riis (SUI) 1994M. Indurain (ESP) P. Ugrumov (LET) M. Pantani (ITA) 1993M. Indurain (ESP) T. Rominger (SUI) Z. Jaskkula (POL) 1992M. Indurain (ESP) C. Chiapucci (ITA) G. Bugno (ITA) 1991M. Indurain (ESP) G. Bugno (ITA) C. Chiappucci (ITA) 1990G. Lemond (USA) C. Chiappucci (ITA) E. Breukink (HOL) 1989G. Lemond (USA) L. Fignon (FRA) P. Delgado (ESP) 1988P. Delgado (ESP) S. Rooks (HOL) F. Parra (COL) 1987S. Roche (IRL) P. Delgado (ESP) JF Bernard (FRA) 1986G. Lemond (USA) B. Hinault (FRA) U. Zimmermann (SUI) 1985B. Hinault (FRA) G. Lemond (USA) S. Roche (IRL) 1984L. Fignon (FRA) B. Hinault (FRA) G. Lemond (USA) 1983L. Fignon (FRA) A. Arroyo (ESP) P. Winnen (HOL) 1982B. Hinault (FRA) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) J. Van der Velde (HOL) 1981B. Hinault (FRA) L. Van Impe (BEL) R. Alban (FRA) 1980J. Zoetemelk (HOL) H. Kuiper (HOL) R. Martin (FRA) 1979B. Hinault (FRA) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) J. Agostinho (POR) 1978B. Hinault (FRA) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) J. Agostinho (POR) 1977B. Thévenet (FRA) H. Kuiper (HOL) L. Van Impe (BEL) 1976L. Van Impe (BEL) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1975B. Thévenet (FRA) E. Merckx (BEL) L. Van Impe (BEL) 1974E. Merckx (BEL) R. Poulidor (FRA) V. López Carril (ESP) 1973L. Ocaña (ESP) B. Thévenet (FRA) JM Fuente (ESP) 1972E. Merckx (BEL) F. Gimondi (ITA) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1971E. Merckx (BEL) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) L. Van Impe (BEL) 1970E. Merckx (BEL) J. Zoetemelk (HOL) G. Petterson (SUE) 1969E. Merckx (BEL) R. Pingeon (FRA) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1968J. Janssen (HOL) H. Van Springel (BEL) F. Bracke (BEL) 1967R. Pingeon (FRA) J. Jiménez (ESP) F. Balmamion (ITA) 1966L. Aimar (FRA) J. Janssen (HOL) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1965F. Gimondi (ITA) R. Poulidor (FRA) G. Motta (ITA) 1964J. Anquetil (FRA) R. Poulidor (FRA) FM Bahamontes (ESP) 1963J. Anquetil (FRA) FM Bahamontes (ESP) J. Pérez-Francés (ESP) 1962J. Anquetil (FRA) J. Planckaert (BEL) R. Poulidor (FRA) 1961J. Anquetil (FRA) G. Carlesi (ITA) Ch. Gaul (LUX) 1960G. Nencini (ITA) G. Battistini (ITA) J. Adriaensens (BEL) 1959F. M. Bahamontes (ESP) H. Anglade (FRA) J. Anquetil (FRA) 1958Ch. Gaul (LUX) V. Favero (ITA) R. Geminiani (FRA) 1957J. Anquetil (FRA) M. Janssens (BEL) A. Christian (AUT) 1956R. Walkowiak (FRA) G. Bauvin (FRA) J. Adriaensens (BEL) 1955L. Bobet (FRA) J. Brankart (BEL) Ch. Gaul (LUX) 1954L. Bobet (FRA) F. Kübler (SUI) F. Schaer (SUI) 1953L. Bobet (FRA) J. Malléjac (FRA) G. Astrua (ITA) 1952F. Coppi (ITA) S. Ockers (BEL) B. Ruiz (ESP) 1951H. Koblet (SUI) R. Geminiani (FRA) L. Lazaridès (FRA) 1950F. Kübler (SUI) S. Ockers (BEL) L. Bobet (FRA) 1949F. Coppi (ITA) G. Bartali (ITA) J. Marinelli (FRA) 1948G. Bartali (ITA) B. Schotte (BEL) G. Lapébie (FRA) 1947J. Robic (FRA) E. Fachleitner (FRA) P. Brambilla (ITA) 1939S. Maes (BEL) R. Vietto (FRA) L. Vlaemynck (BEL) 1938G. Bartali (ITA) F. Vervaecke (BEL) V. Cosson (FRA) 1937R. Lapébie (FRA) M. Vicini (ITA) L. Amberg (SUI) 1936S. Maes (BEL) A. Magne (FRA) F. Vervaecke (BEL) 1935R. Maes (BEL) A. Morelli (ITA) F. Vervaecke (BEL) 1934A. Magne (FRA) G. Martano (ITA) R. Lapébie (FRA) 1933G. Speicher (FRA) L. War (ITA) G. Martano (ITA) 1932A. Leducq (FRA) K. Stoepel (ALE) F. Camusso (ITA) 1931A. Magne (FRA) J. Demuysere (BEL) A. Pesenti (ITA) 1930A. Leducq (FRA) L. War (ITA) A. Magne (FRA) 1929M. De Waele (BEL) G. Pancera (ITA) J. Demuysere (BEL) 1928N. Frantz (LUX) A. Leducq (FRA) M. De Waele (BEL) 1927N. Frantz (LUX) M. De Waele (BEL) J. Vervaecke (BEL) 1926L. Buysse (BEL) N. Frantz (LUX) B. Aymo (ITA) 1925O. Bottecchia (ITA) L. Buysse (BEL) B. Aymo (ITA) 1924O. Bottecchia (ITA) N. Frantz (LUX) L. Buysse (BEL) 1923H. Péllisier (FRA) O. Bottecchia (ITA) R. Bellneger (FRA) 1922F. Lambot (BEL) J. Alavoine (FRA) F. Sellier (BEL) 1921L. Scieur (BEL) H. Heusghem (BEL) H. Barthélémy (FA) 1920P. Thijs (BEL) H. Heusghem (BEL) F. Lambot (BEL) 1919F. Lambot (BEL) J. Alavoine (FRA) E. Christophe (FRA) 1914P. Thijs (BEL) H. Pélissier (FRA) J. Alavoine (FRA) 1913P. Thijs (BEL) G. Garrigou (FRA) M. Buysse (BEL) 1912O. Defraye (BEL) E. Christophe (FRA) G. Garrigou (FRA) 1911G. Garrigou (FRA) P. Duboc (FRA) E. Georget (FRA) 1910O. Lapize (FRA) F. Faber (LUX) G. Garrigou (FRA) 1909F. Faber (LUX) G. Garrigou (FRA) J. Alavoine (FRA) 1908L. Petit-Breton (FRA) F. Faber (LUX) G. Passerieu (FRA) 1907L. Petit-Breton (FRA) G. Garrigou (FRA) E. Georget (FRA) 1906R. Pottier (FRA) G. Passerieu (FRA) L. Trousselier (FRA) 1905L. Trousselier (FRA) H. Aucouturier (FRA) JB Dortignacq (FRA) 1904H. Cornet (FRA) JB Dortignacq (ITA) P- Jousselin (ITA) 1903M. Garin (FRA) L. Pothier (FRA) F. Augereau (FRA) * "The UCI confirmed USADA's request to strip Lance Armstrong of his post-1998 titles."

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