Leganés suppresses the figure of the nutritionist for the first team

The club and the coaching staff have decided that their functions will be assumed by the doctor and the physical trainer. The decision marks the departure of David Jiménez.


The Leganés will stop having the figure of a nutritionist next season. The club has decided, in consensus with the coaching staff and collaboration with the medical staff, not to give continuity to this role that Mauricio Pellegrino first established in 2018, as soon as he landed in Butarque. Since then, the Lega has had two professionals at the helm: Bárbara Sánchez and David Jiménez. The latter will have to leave the entity after this decision.

From Butarque they report that the figure is suppressed to assume its functions internally both by the medical department itself, and by the technical body in the figure of Miguel Pérez, Asier Garitano's physical trainer. Already in the previous stage of the Bergara coach it was done following this pattern. Initially the decision was inspired by the lack of resources. But after the promotion to professional football and even in the First Division, Garitano maintained the decision not to have a nutritionist even though, there, there were options to hire him.

“I don't believe much in that [nutritionists]… and I also believe that in First the player who is elite, who wants to stay in First, individually they already have those figures. When you are in the elite, it is not worth coming, doing the 90 minutes of training and being told that you have to eat I don't know what. More is needed. And that is in the mentality of each one. You can guide him. But the rest must be put by him, ”Garitano himself explained to As in an interview in 2017.

More recently, when returning to Butarque, the coach assumed the role of nutritionist, but again appealing to the individual responsibility of the player. “Each player has to put himself in very good condition. We are in it. That is very important: rest, nutrition ... that depends on him, the players, their families, the nutritionist ... And if we have to change the player, we will do it to get the most out of it, ”he also told AS after his return. south of the capital.

Two nutritionists in three years

The figure of the nutritionist was exercised last season by David Jiménez. Jiménez arrived at Leganés from the hand of Javier, Vasco, Aguirre, with whom he coincided at Atlético de Madrid. He remained in the ranks of the colchoneros between 2003 and 2017. He was part of the team of Simeone collaborators with maximum proximity to Profe Ortega. David Lagos relieved him. In November 2019, Jiménez took office for Leganés. In the city he has a clinic and he had coincided, in addition to Aguirre, with Felipe Moreno Pavón, the club's technical secretary and former player of the lower mattresses.

Jiménez replaced Barbará Sánchez, a pioneer in the position of nutritionist in Butarque. He joined the coaching staff led by Mauricio Pellegrino and worked almost the same period of time that El Flaco was in Leganés. With his departure, the club understood that it was also necessary to carry out a change in the figure of the nutritionist. Now that role will be deserted.

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