Leganés opens between homegrown flashes and yawns

The kids were the most striking of a victory (2-1) that sentenced in a quarter of an hour. Sabin and Juan Muñoz scored. Palencia was injured.


The Leganés debuted in preseason with a short story triumph. As short as the quarter of an hour it took to score the two goals with which he sentenced the crash. Sabin Merino (1-0) and Juan Muñoz (2-0) uncorked their hopes of seeing something more than a preseason game. Error. The embarrassment, the rotations and the excess of fatigue made the show a mirage. Only the homegrown sparks of Rubio, Cisse or Diego García drew emotion instead of yawns on the faces of the fifty spectators who attended the game. Rubén Sánchez scored the goal for Rayo Majadahonda, like Lega, a team with everything to do in this period of experiments and tests.

Unfolded to start Leganés a vigorous start. Like wanting to get chest out due to category difference against a rival who was noticed unplugged. Maybe it was the heat (35 gradados). Perhaps it was a matter of local motivation. Because the pepineros (more pepineros than ever: they wore their sheepskin camouflage with the vegetable) returned to play with the public for the second time in a year and a half.

The last one happened in the official game with which they closed the season. Before another Rayo (Vallecano) and with a painful result: the elimination of the promotion playoff. This time, 52 days later, in a less official setting (the ID Butarque) also soon marked the Lega. Sabin Merino started the scoreboard with a header after a good play by Rubio (min 8). Its center was wrapped in candy. He was the best youth squad side in a first act with a lineup without signings and with only three of the men who played in that defeat against La Franja. Namely: Riesgo, Avilés and Juan Muñoz.

Rotations with substitutes from the past year and a lot of youth players. Another boy from the subsidiary, Cisse, also highlighted in the medullary the scarce quarter of an hour that oxygen lasted to Leganés. Frontier of the effort that delimited the 2-0 (Juan Muñoz, min 14) until turning the remainder of the first half into a precipice of rhythm, football and chances. All downhill. All abrupt.

The dictatorship of yawning

Only Rubén Sánchez's goal in Rayo's second approach (good header, min 24) injected some emotion into a duel that died at halftime suffocated by the heat. So much so, that there was four minutes of time to refresh and just one more time. There was plenty of playing. Lack of oxygen.

Lack of air that did not condition the changes of the Leganés. They all repeated to restart the game. The same did not happen in a Rayo that mutated its eleven from top to bottom to draw a weaker team that suffered in the resumption against the revitalized locals. Diego García in a 'Zinadian' reverse left the detail with more carats of the second half, insufficient to reach the goal in the only clear that the kid had. Despite this, once again the quarry stood out in the football secarral that continued to be the game until the last death throes.

At 65 ', Garitano mutated the entire team (the starters played for an hour), gave entry to Palencia and Doukouré as the only available signings (Quintillá was touched) and reformulated a team that could well start in the league in defense and medullary. Back precisely came the worst news of the game when Palencia had to withdraw with discomfort just eight minutes after entering.

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