Lazo rescues an Almería with a triplet with Sadiq expelled

The redheads take 74 minutes to beat Atlético Pulpileño, in the fourth category. The Nigerian loses the papers and attacks two rivals


Saturday to forget about an Almeria that was for much of the afternoon a want and cannot against Atlético Pulpileño, recently promoted to Second RFEF in the second friendly of the albirrojos. It was not until minute 74 when Lazo scored the first goal, beating a Héctor, who, along with Lazo who was the main protagonist of the 'gig', with Sadiq on the other side of the coin. The Nigerian was expelled after losing his papers and attacking two rivals, including a header at Mati. The meeting also served to 'see' (behind closed doors in the Annex) the debut of Portillo, already with the new elastic, practically white.

The friendly left other details such as that Appiah will wear the subsidiary's number for the third consecutive season, with Portillo winning the number '10'. Almería carried the weight of the game from the beginning, occupying, yes, the Pulpileño very rationally the spaces and holding a more than drinkable meeting, with Héctor disrupting every occasion of the premises. The first to try was Samu, with a Chilean, shortly after Puigmal (from more to less) a head-to-head with Héctor, with the visiting goal winning. The former Manchester United himself was the one who tried his luck later, but either the redheads crashed into the Oriolano or they were not right.

In 38 'a rebound fell at the feet of Maras, inside the penalty area after joining the attack, the Serbian's shot going astray. Two minutes later a center from Portillo was not used by Sadiq (he injured his ankle shortly before), a few meters from the goal. Héctor also appeared in the discount with a save to Akieme despite the fact that the Spanish-Equatorial Guinean was a few meters from the goalkeeper.

In the second act he repeated the entire eleven of Almería except for Yanis. And after the break, the figure of Héctor reappeared, when Sadiq was left alone in front of the goal. The Nigerian left early after losing his head, attacking two rivals and seeing the corresponding direct red. It was with ten, after the carousel of changes in the equator of the second half, when Almería put one more gear, also taking advantage of the fact that Héctor went to the bench after 1-0. This one arrived after a play by the right defined by Lazo, to the square. The man from Cádiz wanted to take the lead from the Oriolano and threw his people on his back. Five minutes later, he sent a shell from almost thirty meters to Raúl Ponce's right post.

Atlético Pulpileño, with only seven changes on the bench, went from honors to outstanding in the final stretch, when the gas ran out. In the 85th minute, the visitors failed to leave the ball, theft by Lazo and the man from Cádiz, who could make the triplet there, assisted Ramazani, the Belgian taking advantage of the death pass. Shortly after the roles were exchanged, Ramazani gifting the triplet to '16'. Almería does not stop and tomorrow will return to El Rubial (7:00 p.m.), a classic of the Indálica preseason, while Pulpileño will face UCAM Murcia next Wednesday.

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