Kane's Crossroads

His relationship with Levy is broken, but the arrival of Paratici as CEO and Nuno as coach could change the forward's future.

The relationship between Harry Kane and Daniel Levy, Tottenham's top president, is broken and the forward is considering leaving the London team, as reported by Mirror. The attacker, who will play the semi-finals of the European Championship with England on Wednesday, plans to sit down and talk with his club about his future when his participation in the tournament ends.He has been the big star of the London team for the last few years, but now Kane believes that it may be the right time for a change of scene. Of course, his club is not going to make it easy, since they have always wanted to retain him in the capital team. With the forward in the Eurocup and Levy looking for a new coach, the issue of the attacker's departure has been practically stopped.The Londoners have been looking for weeks without luck for a replacement for Mourinho, but have received refusals from technicians such as Pochettino, Conte and Paulo Fonseca. As reported by The Athletic, while the search for a new coach has lasted, which has finally been Nuno Espirito Santo, Levy has not contacted his great star to discuss his immediate future.Although his relationship with the president of the London club is at its worst, the arrival of Paratici as the new general manager and the arrival of Nuno to take over the team could make the striker decide to stay. In an interview with talkSport, Kane has assured that Paratici wants him to stay and that for a footballer it is "important to feel loved", as well as he has affirmed that the arrival of a new coach "always motivates", and more when it comes to doing " great job "at Wolverhampton.

Kane, who at 27 is in the best moment of his career, has been associated with Chelsea and, above all, with Manchester City, which sees him as a key part of their project. But the highest London president is not going to make it easy, and it is that he will not accept an offer of less than 115 million euros for the Englishman.

Precisely, Kane spoke before the European Championship of his future, in an interview with The Overlap. The attacker assured that "there has to be a conversation" with his club, since there has come a time in his career where he has to "reflect" and see where he is. "As a player you don't know what the president thinks, he might want to sell me, think 'If they offer me 115 million euros, why not?'. In two or three years I will no longer be worth that," said Kane.

The forward concluded that, ultimately, everything "will depend" on him, on "his feelings" on what he believes will be "the best" for his career. "I do not want to retire and regret something. I want to be the best that I can be. I have never said that I want to finish my career at Tottenham and neither that I want to leave," concluded Kane.

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