Juan Carlos Carcedo, the best 'signing' of UD Ibiza

The coach, key to promotion to Second and Unai Emery's assistant for 14 years, faces a great challenge in his second season as head coach.


Juan Carlos Carcedo could become, probably, the best signing of UD Ibiza in the season of the debut of the Ibizan team in LaLiga SmartBank. In a new category for the Pitiuso club, the extensive experience of the La Rioja coach as assistant coach, in teams of international stature and high level, may be essential for the management of a complicated season in the Second Division. The coach made his brilliant debut as first coach last year, making Ibiza champion and promoting it to Second. Better, impossible. Now he has a new challenge: at least to keep the Pitiusos in the Professional Football League.

The Rioja will return to elite football after his experiences in the past as an assistant on numerous benches. He began his career in Las Palmas (in the 2005-06 season), but then accumulated glorious stages as Unai Emery's squire in Almería, Valencia, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Paris Saint Germain and Arsenal. A brutal apprenticeship, getting numerous titles and successes. With the Almeria, for example, he rose to First. With Sevilla he won three Europa League titles and a runner-up in the Copa del Rey. With the Parisians he won, among others, a French League, two titles in the Country Cup and the League Cup. And with the English he was runner-up in the Europa League. A magnificent university to acquire knowledge with which you are succeeding with the Ibiza.

Carcedo, whom the club led by Amadeo Salvo renewed its confidence until the 22-23 season, began his career as head coach last year. He gave identity and personality to a team that shone with its own light and that continues to maintain these traits this year. At least according to what has been seen in the friendly matches that have been played to date. Ibiza did not clash with Getafe or Majorca in the First Division, despite the fact that they lost 1-0 and 2-1 to both, respectively; and fulfilled against Saudi Al Raed, whom he beat 2-0.

There is still work to be done and the celestial team has room for improvement, especially since the squad is not yet fully formed, but work and dedication will not be lacking in the coaching staff that Carcedo successfully directs.

Satisfied after the match against Mallorca

On the other hand, the coach was satisfied with the performance of his squad this Saturday against Mallorca. "I think we played a good game, especially in the first half. We have dominated the ball at times in the first half and the result of this has been the goal and several important arrivals," explained Carcedo, who acknowledged that in the second half It "cost them a little more" in the initial quarter hour. "We have lost the ball and from there his goal has come. But hey, I'm satisfied. We have managed to accumulate minutes, workload and I think it is to be satisfied with the game that Ibiza has played," added the coach.

"We have competed with a First Division team, such as Mallorca, which last year was one of the highlights of the Second Division and rose on its own merits. That gives a little bit the level that Unión Deportiva Ibiza can have this year. Let's hope compete with all the rivals we face, "said Carcedo.

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