José Ángel was the 'other surprise'

The midfielder, who renewed at the beginning of the month with the Albinegros, signs for Al Wahda of the United Arab Emirates. Belmonte warned of unexpected departures.


José Ángel will not be in the FC Cartagena project for the 21-22 season. The midfielder, who ended his contract on June 30 but who days later reached an agreement to continue in the Albinegra entity, goes to Arab football to wear the Al Wahda elastic (against which he faced days ago in a friendly). The club announced on the morning of this Friday the agreement between the parties, although it did not communicate the economic amount that is pocketed by the operation. With this operation, the doubt that existed in the words of Belmonte in Ortuño's presentation is 'cleared', in which he declared that "there will be some more surprise exit" .

The goodbye of José Ángel upsets Luis Carrión's plans. The Andalusian, who was discarded by the sports commission last summer, first gained a place in the squad and later in the plans of Borja Jiménez, Pepe Aguilar and Carrión. He beat men like Carrasquilla, Clavería and Azeez and finished the championship with 32 games and two goals. The sports field will have to look for a replacement for a position in which only Tejera and Boateng have a fixed place, since Carrasquilla wants and from the entity that option is welcomed and Clavería did not have the confidence of the technician during the exercise 20-21.

This will not be José Ángel's first experience abroad, as he previously played for Bodo in Norway and FC Sheriff in Moldavia. Now he had an opportunity that he did not want to miss and FC Cartagena agreed because he obtained an economic benefit that he did not have.

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