Jon Rahm arrives freed

The Basque has his best: the US Open. And now the British are facing the favorite, but without that slab. Other challenges loom beyond: the Games and the Ryder.


Golf glances are directed at Jon Rahm, the latest major champion. It does not matter that the Scottish did not win last weekend, on his return to Europe since 2019, which is also his return to competition after his victory at the US Open. He finished seventh in Scotland, struggling with putting, but in the first two days he was in the lead. It doesn't matter either that that result lost him number one to Dustin Johnson. It is always better to arrive with a victory in the previous tournament and with world leadership, of course, but in a sport like golf it does not guarantee anything. The important thing, really, is that Rahm has lifted off that weight that had forced him to win a big game since he came to professionalism. Well that's it, you already have it. That's why everyone looks at him and why they mark him as a favorite. But no longer slab. Now you only have to think about playing your best game, which will inevitably lead you to conquer another major. And maybe a few more. It could be from this Thursday at the British Open. Or maybe later. He is only 26 years old.

The victory at the US Open is a liberation, but also a step on a path that seems long and glorious, in which new challenges are already looming. The British Open is the first, with the possibility of becoming the second Spanish in his record, after the eternal Severiano Ballesteros. Also in the seventh player to complete the double of both majors, the last Tiger Woods, in 2000. Then come the Tokyo Games, a tournament with no tradition in golf, but that Barrika, unlike other professionals, values at the highest level: “Being called an Olympian is an honor available to few. If I could give Spain a medal, it would be a great moment ”. The auction will be the Ryder Cup, in September. Always a challenge. Rahm already has his major. But it won't stop there.

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