Jokubaitis arrives at Barça

Barcelona confirm the signing of the young Lithuanian talent, Rokas Jokubaitis. In good tune with Jasikevicius, the player comes from Zalgiris.


Barça continues to strengthen itself. Rokas Jokubaitis is the new signing of the azulgrana team. He comes to replace Leandro Bolmaro, who has already confirmed his jump to the NBA, an open secret that the Argentine base had already clearly hinted at this season. Jokubaitis resigned from the draft of the best league in the world in 2020, advised by his environment and his family, who saw more possibilities in this year. However the player has decided to continue in Europe. And he will do it at the Palau, next to a Sarunas Jasikevicius who gets along very well with the player and who has expressly requested it for his squad. The signing, by the way, is closed just hours after it was leaked that the operation had been complicated.

Jokuabaitis was born in Lithuania on November 19, 2000. On the way to 21 years, he is already one of the greatest promises in Europe. With a future that, sooner or later, will go through the NBA, the point guard has been international in categories and has won a silver and a bronze in two Europeans, played respectively in 2017 and 2018. In the first of those years, Rokas participated in the prestigious Adidas Next Generation Tournament, leading Zalgiris to the title and winning the MVP after scoring 18 points and 6 assists in the grand final. In his second participation in the tournament, in 2018, he went to 15 points and more than 8 assists on average, although his team could only reach third position. In addition, in a match organized by the Ball brothers' brand (Big Baller Brand) he scored 31 points despite the defeat. Almost nothing.

In 2019, when he was not yet 19 years old, he was part of the Žalgiris Kaunas first squad. In that first course as a professional, he went to 5.9 points, 1.1 rebounds and 3.5 assists in the eight games played. In Euroleague he played another eight games with great statistics: 8 goals, 1.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists. Jokubaitis has continued his great progression in 2020-21, already without Jasikevicius, his main promoter, as a coach. But the coach, delighted with the young point guard, wants to recover him to make up for the absence of a Bolmaro who says goodbye to seek luck on the other side of the Atlantic. By the way, in that 2020 something extremely curious happened: a scammer impersonated his identity and got more than 30,000 euros by scamming girls on Tinder. Anyway, something apart from his sporting qualities but that made the covers for several days.

With Jokubaitis, Barça has a young player with great progress, one of Jasikevicius' favorite profiles, a great coach and a good player coach. Saras wants a point guard who can play with and without the ball, who runs on the fast break and has a good pick and roll to enable Brandon Davies. Also that he can complement himself with people like Cory Higgins and that he be a support for Nikola Mirotic. Qualities that you can find in Jokubaitis, a player who aspires to be a star and who admires another great point guard, his favorite player and reference and with whom he shares some of these virtues: Rajon Rondo. This is Rokas Jokubaitis, Barça's new signing.

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Current League and Cup champions and Euroleague runners-up, Barça has a lot of Saras-style retouching for the second year of the project. The bar has already been set high and the European championship will be the great goal to try to exceed it.

Sertac Sanli, center from Efes, and Nico Laprovittola, point guard from Madrid, are the only two signings so far, although two more are expected for the places mentioned. Leo Westermann, completely ruled out by Jasikevicius, continues to look for a place in another team. Gael Bonilla and Michael Caicedo, the homegrown candidates to help in the first team without counting Sergi Martínez, renewed and now with a professional record.

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