Jesé sets fire to the nets with his bathroom in a bucket

The forward returned with a very good feeling. He is determined to re-engage after a hopeful first few months in Las Palmas. Work on recovering your best physical version.


Jesé made a big mark on his seasonal debut against Wolverhampton. The attacker scored against the English team and conveyed very good feelings. On July 13, his renewal with La Palmas was made official for one more season. Before, at the end of June, the footballer tested positive for COVID and was isolated. Fortunately, he recovered well from the disease, but that also somehow disrupted his preparation plans, which he is now ready to solve.A good version was seen against Wolverhampton, but the most important thing is that the footballer is determined to fully reengage with the elite and for that his best physical set-up is also necessary. Last season he was diminished by the conditions in which he arrived, somewhat overweight, and that also detracted from his performance. Now the player goes for everything and also works on recovery. Today, also a sign that things turned out as he intended against Wolverhampton, he went through social networks to upload a curious image.

In underwear and inside a large plastic bucket with ice, he has posed to send a message to his followers. The player wants to take his new stage seriously and, after the game, he paid attention to recovering his legs. The glamor of the PSG facilities was left behind and now Jesé is getting wet by Las Palmas, which will not have as much economic power, but can rival in illusion without any problem. In its own way, the viral message also serves to show that it starts out focused.

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