Jayson Granger returns to Vitoria after triumphing in Berlin

Baskonia has made their signing official for one season with the option of a second. The Uruguayan point guard returns a year after the 2020 league title.


The Baskonia has made official the return of Jayson Granger to the Vitoria franchise. The news jumped a couple of days ago but it is already something real from the perspective of the club's confirmation. Jayson returns to what was his home until last summer, where he won the ACB League inside the Valencia bubble with Dusko Ivanovic at the helm. The agreement consists of a season with the option to continue a second if the parties agree in summer 2022.

With Baldwin and Granger the position of 1 closes and we will have to see what happens with the young Kurucs. Vildoza and Henry left, respectively, for the New York Knicks and Fenerbahçe. Quino Colom, who finished last season as a temporary, will not continue in the team either. Granger can also play as a shooting guard, so his entry into the team rules out the continuity of a Zoran Dragic who did not even enter the Baskonist right of first refusal list.

The Uruguayan's German adventure has only lasted one year but has allowed the Uruguayan to win the league in that country and be named the best player in the finals. In addition, he played a great role in the Alba de Berlin of Aito García Reneses in the Euroleague, where the talented Italian Simone Fontecchio also comes from. Last year, the Baskonia fished in that same fishing ground, signing the Lithuanian Rokas Giedraitis. Until the NBA ends, it will not be known if any American franchise asks for him or not.

Baldwin IV, Marinkovic, Costello and Fontecchio are tall. Colom, Massenat, Vildoza, Henry, Polonara and Diop are low. There is uncertainty about the future of the youngsters: Kurucs, Raieste and others who could reinforce the team in the preseason and who last year played in the Juaristi ISB of Azpeitia and Azkoitia: Savkov and Hanzlik. Likewise, it should also be counted on that list with Macura, who was in Serbia last season. Miguel González, who was a member of Canoe, could be loaned again or even transferred.

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