Javi Rodríguez returns to Bilbao, as Mumbrú's assistant

Porriño's coach was already at the club for two seasons, as a point guard, between 2009 and 2011. He took the board in Oviedo when he hung up his boots and will form with Salgado 'los Javis', as when they played, this time in a coaching staff.


The Bilbao Basket bench will be formed next year by three coaches who have been players until not long ago. Mumbrú, the boss, is 42 years old and has become one of the stars of this country, with the most important medals that La Roja has won. Javi Salgado, who hung up his boots after the promotion, is 40. His career has been more modest but it should also be taken into account. In Miribilla he is an idol and his shirt with the 14 is retired. And the next to join is another Javi, Rodríguez, also 42 years old, like Mumbrú. The 'Javis' are here. Three guys who know it all, with enormous talent and good friends after joining Bilbao Basket in the 2009-10 season, when the team moved to the mammoth BEC. It was the year of the signing of Mumbrú by the Biscayan club, and he arrived with Rodríguez. That course, in January, shortly after Hervelle landed, Vidorreta was dismissed and Katsikaris came to the rescue. Then came the intolerable kick to Salgado, who went to Gipuzkoa, with the excuse that they were looking for someone more physical.

Javi Rodríguez, nicknamed El Chino from the stage in which he wore shorts, replaces Lolo Encinas, who has gone home first, the Gipuzkoa Basket of LEB Oro. The former base of Porriño, currently on vacation in his land, He hung up his boots five years ago and became Carles Marco's assistant at Oviedo, in the second category. The last two years he made the jump as the first and in his debut, which coincided with Bilbao Basket in that category, he did very well. But the second all went wrong and he was dismissed a few days before the declaration of the state of alarm for the coronavirus. But Javi is a guy who never disguises reality and assumed that things were not going well, he was not comfortable. Lezkano took his baton.

Afterwards, he has taken a year of apprenticeship, to stop a little, train thoroughly and dedicate himself a little more to the family, who live in Gijón. Precisely there, in Gijón, he began his career in the Spanish elite. As a cadet and junior, many happened to see in him an enormous star in that high base and with enormous class to give fluidity to the game. Although he trained in the NCAA and was recruited by Baskonia, at the Asturian club, under the guidance of Moncho López, he achieved a brilliant promotion in 1999. Afterwards, basketball led him to Breogán, where he covered the best season of his career and was even summoned by the Selection. From there he left with much controversy to Fuenlabrada and the Breo recovered shortly after. Manresa was the next station. And Bilbao, with one year, the second superb with the ACB runner-up and the debut of Miribilla. His last breath brought him back to Manresa. In the end, without being a supercrack he covered 14 years in the ACB. Precisely in Gijón, their adopted land, Bilbao Basket will hold a pre-season rally this year, in August. With the signing of Javi Rodríguez, the Biscayan team closes all entries this year, unless a white blackbird comes out for the squad.

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