Italy is presented as a new candidate for the 2030 World Cup

Gravina, president of the FIGC, has acknowledged that the country is considering presenting its candidacy for Euro 2028 or the World Cup.


Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC (Italian federation), has stated Italy's intention to present itself as the venue for the 2028 Eurocup or the 2030 World Cup. Today, the Iberian candidacy of Spain and Portugal is the top favorite after the disaster of the Wembley final for the proposal of Great Britain and Ireland.

At the moment, despite Gravina's words, there is no firm proposal on the table. However, the victory in the Eurocup has filled the Italian expedition with morale: "The victory gives a great boost to the social and economic restart of Italy, this gives confidence to the country and is a source of pride for us."

The medium 'Calcioefinanza' estimates the success of the continental tournament at 0.7% of GDP growth, something that could be enough to consider hosting a competition of these characteristics in the coming years. Gravina calculates 36 million euros in revenue for the federation thanks to what has been achieved.

These were the words of the president: "We will evaluate Italy's candidacy for the 2028 European Championship or the 2030 World Cup, in which the centenary of the World Cup is celebrated. Let's play the first game, then we will think about the other." It should be remembered that it is planned to vote for the venue of the World Cup event next May, although this is just an idea and for the moment there is nothing closed.

Perhaps it is too late to consider a formal candidacy, especially after Gravina's words about the state of the facilities: "We must improve the state of the stadiums because if we do not start an investment path in infrastructures we will never be able to aspire to organize a big event. initiating a series of synergies with the Sports Credit Institute and the Government. You have to do things quickly, for me there is no idea that "I don't have the stadiums, but if you give me the event I will build them." we work ".

At the moment, Italy, although not officially, is already on the horizon as a new 'enemy' of the Iberian bid to host the World Cup. Although, for the moment, they are also thinking about the 2028 Eurocup, another of the great tournaments that have not yet been distributed.

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