"It is a desperate move unfit for a champion."

Horner criticizes Hamilton. Verstappen is outraged to see the celebrations "from the hospital, it is unsportsmanlike and disrespectful." Hamilton fights back.


The tense rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton has increased in level, they are already more than words, after the accident between them that ended the Red Bull at the tire barriers of the Copse corner. The development was simple: the Dutchman defended the pole, they got to touch each other briefly, they passed and reviewed for half a lap and they reached the very fast corner evenly matched. Max on the outside, with a better line, and Lewis on the inside, with inertia to pass him. Neither of them gave way, they touched (Verstappen's right rear wheel, Briton's left front) and the RB16B collided violently with the protections.

"At a force of 51G", Christian Horner points out to the media. The Milton Keynes boss first updated the situation of his pilot: "Max is in Donnington hospital, they are doing the tests as a precaution. He has been conscious at all times. He hit his chest, it is the most serious accident of his race, with a force of 51G. I am grateful that it was not more than that, that he could get out of the car and walk.

Afterwards, the British leader was hard on Hamilton: "Sending a driver to the hospital with a penalty that allows you to win the race does not seem like a penalty. It is a desperate move, he had lost the start and goes inside Copse, he hits the wheel He rolls into a hard corner. It's disappointing that a seven-time world champion makes that move and sends a driver to the hospital. " "He compromised his safety, any pilot knows that a movement on that curve is extremely dangerous. The penalty he receives is irrelevant" .

Max left the circuit by ambulance and just left a brief comment on social media: "I'm glad to be fine. Very disappointed to end up like this. The penalty does not help us or do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on the track. See the celebrations when I'm still in the hospital it's disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior, but we turn the page.Hamilton: "I regretted not trying the day before"

The other involved, Hamilton, race winner: "The day before I was chasing him the same, I had a good slipstream before turn nine and I regretted not going for that gap . This time I saw him go to the left. This is not how I want to win a race, but these things happen and I just hope it is okay. We must learn from this, it is never one or the other one hundred percent fault. Max is one One of the most aggressive drivers here is my personal opinion, but we have to find a balance on the track between safety and competition. Have good races without crashing. " Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes, did not get wet: "It is a situation that we have all seen in the past when great drivers have competed together. Nobody is prepared to live this, but it can happen. A Prost-Senna? Wouldn't you love it? That? A lot to write. I'm ready, let's go for that. " For most drivers it was a racing incident.

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