Heurtel: "Reaching Real Madrid is a dream"

The new white player, after the officialization of his signing, speaks for the club. In his words, he is ambitious: "The goal is to win everything."


Thomas Heurtel is already a Real Madrid player. In an official statement, the white club has announced a move that was an open secret. Both the player and the team had united their destinies long ago, although their relationship goes even further. Even before signing with Barcelona, on the French guard's Instagram page he wore a photo of him with the white elastic. Now, he will play with it.

In his first statements as a Pablo Laso player, he has not hidden his emotion about it: "Coming here is like a dream. Being in a club as big as Real Madrid, which has won so many titles, was one of my goals and I am I am very happy. I have heard many positive things about the club through my French teammates and I really want to start. I will try to do my best ", he assured.

"I am a player who gives everything on the court, who wants to win above all else and who is not afraid to take responsibility. I come here to try to win. I have already played against Real Madrid many times and they have been very big battles. He The public always supports the team and I hope they support me too ", he added.

When talking about his new coach, Pablo Laso, he couldn't help but be praised: "The philosophy of the team and Pablo Laso's game correspond to me a lot. It is a fairly aggressive and fast game in attack, and this favors me. my goals was to work with him. I really want to start with the team and be at his command, "he confessed.

In the same way, in his message to the fans, he has been just as ambitious. "I am here with a lot of desire. We are going to start working soon and I hope to win many titles. The general objective is to win as much as possible, both in the Endesa League and in the Euroleague. The objective is to win everything we can win" .

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