"I have pictures of Pogacar's bike, it's clean"

Speaking to The Guardian, the UCI president did not want to enter into the controversies about the performance of Tadej Pogacar after winning his second Tour.


Tadej Pogacar's conquest of his second Tour de France has been surrounded by numerous doubts given the authority with which the Slovenian from UAE Emirates has imposed himself on his rivals to add his second title in Paris.

Doubts that have also reached the ears of the president of the UCI David Lappartient. However, the president has defended the cleanliness of Pogacar's triumph in statements to the British newspaper The Guardian, since they have not found anything strange in the samples taken from the cyclist or on his bicycle. "I have the photos of Pogacar's bicycle and everything is clean, according to the results of the X-ray machine. As president of the UCI I trust the international anti-doping laboratory in Lausanne."

Lappartient also took the opportunity to show its confidence in the anti-doping laboratory in Lausanne, where samples from most athletes are analyzed. "The only limit is the ability of the laboratory itself to detect some substances from all sports. We have a very strong and robust cycling test program to fight doping and technological fraud and there is no reason to have doubts. However. , zero risk does not exist ".

Lappartient also wanted to talk about the return of the Women's Tour de France in 2022. "I have always worked for the return of the Women's Tour. I have met several times with ASO and commented on the importance for the UCI to advance gender equality. To have a Very strong organizer will help the development and boom of women's cycling. We have not been quick, but at least we will celebrate it in 2022 and in the end that race will return. The organizer not only thinks about gender equality, but also about reaching new audiences, business and make sport bigger ".

Photos from as.com
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