Haaland or Lewandowski

The times favor Madrid in the signing of the two forwards. It will have that double track open in the 2022 market.


Events are showing that it will be a very static summer when it comes to large operations. But, on the other hand, little by little the future intentions of some of the main clubs and players are being put in place. In this sense, Real Madrid anticipates a great move, strategic in its project, beyond the attempt to sign Mbappé this summer. It is the position of his center forward, since Benzema has 33 springs. If you have the option of Haaland open for the summer of 2022, which Borussia seems to be finally retaining for one more season, Lewandowski will also be within reach.

As AS has published, Lewandowski is ready to change of scene and Real Madrid is his main option. So much so that only for the white team would he be willing to force an exit. But he has a contract with Bayern until 2023 and the Bavarian club refuses to sell him now. However, according to L'Equipe, next summer, when the striker only has one more season left, he will open his hand asking for a price of 50 million. A situation sung, because then Bayern will be in the same case as Madrid now with Varane ... They will have to sell him or let him go happily a year later (in 2023).

Once again, therefore, the times are aligned with Real Madrid, because if in this market his main objective is Mbappé, for the next one, that of the summer of 2022, he will have two avenues open to sign a category forward, the Lewandowski and Haaland. Norwegian is actually the big target. He has had important offers to leave Borussia now and has told his representative, Raiola, to scrap them to wait for Real Madrid. And, when the time comes, the white club will have the option of playing with that double track, Haaland or Lewandowski, to lower costs in the operation that it decides to do.

Raiola took Haaland to Borussia under very advantageous conditions, he only paid 20 million euros plus commissions, but he reserved an option to be able to get him out of there at a reasonable price in the summer of 2022. Sources familiar with the case point to AS There is nothing signed, only a verbal pact, so if Borussia were reluctant to respect it, Madrid would always have that option from Lewandowski to lower the price of the operation for the Norwegian ... or go directly for the Polish.

Photos from as.com

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