Haaland confirms Sancho's departure

The Norwegian striker, who was interviewed at Stadium Astro, has revealed that the English winger is leaving Dortmund in the absence of an official statement from the club.


Haaland has confirmed in an interview with Stadium Astro that Jadon Sancho is leaving Borussia Dortmund. "Sancho is a great player, it is a pity that he leaves but things work like that, it is football and anything can happen," said the Norwegian forward after being asked about the great chemistry he has with Sancho on the pitch. Despite Haaland's slip, the departure of the English winger is not entirely official: Dortmund has acknowledged having reached an agreement in principle with United whereby the Red Devils will pay 85 million for the footballer, but the statement still remains. German club official certifying the summer operation

During the interview, Haaland also spoke about the new Dortmund manager, Marco Rose, with whom he really wants to train: "I have spoken with him a bit. I know him already because we met for six months when he was at Salzburg. He is a great guy and I look forward to working with him. " In addition, Haaland has detailed the work plan that Rose usually applies to his teams: "It will be tough training sessions, in which you have to run. It will require us to put pressure on our opponents and be very offensive in the opposite field."

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