Guardiola enters the Kane case

Manchester City is willing to break its transfer policy and reach 120 million euros to take over the Tottenham captain.


After the disappointment of the Eurocup, a few days of vacation for Harry Kane. To rest and, above all, to reflect. The forward returned to keep the honey of the celebration on his lips, something that has become the leitmotif of his career at Tottenham and the main reason that made him sing the I want to change of scene in the month of May. It didn't take long for suitors to come out, among which Manchester City stands out, with Guardiola at the helm. And now, with the continental tournament over, it's time to discuss the near future of the Spurs captain.

The admiration is mutual and, as The Athletic publishes, the skyblue are willing to make an exception in their transfer policy to fill their attack front with gunpowder. In the blue zone of Manchester they are used to seeing how their team spends large sums of money market after market, but it is true that the limit is usually 70 million euros. Amount only surpassed by Kevin de Bruyne, when in 2015 Wolfsburg received an economic injection of 76 million. With Kane, that limit would be broken, since, always according to the aforementioned media, the citizen group would reach 120 million if necessary.

Playing at the Etihad at home is Kane's preferred choice. At almost 28 years old (his birthday on July 28), he is tired of paddling and paddling to avoid getting around the shore. On the other side are the titles that he wants so much and in the City, presumably, he would definitely bury that must that accompanies him. Other teams have sounded, such as Manchester United or Chelsea (also Madrid, although the striker prefers to continue in the Premier), but in their respective equations there are unknowns that are much more difficult to solve. The Red Devils, although close to sealing their definitive rebirth, must consolidate their project and also have left 85 million in the signing of Jadon Sancho. While the current European champions are from London, something that would make him go from idol to traitor for the spur fans if he disembarked at Stamford Bridge.

Against the current

City, or Kane, have not much time to convince a Levy who is more than reluctant to sell his big star. The season begins on August 15, with a Tottenham-Manchester City, of course. The negotiation will not be easy, they still remember in the offices of the Etihad campus the difficulties they encountered in getting Kyle Walker. "It was like having blood in the urine," says a source to The Athletic regarding the transfer of the full-back. In addition, Levy has made it more than clear that he has no intention of facilitating his exit. 170 million or nothing.

City are willing to exceed their limit, but without reaching that level. They have already dropped potential signings such as Harry Maguire in 2019, considering that Leicester's demands were excessive (he ended up at United as the most expensive center-back in history), or those of Kalidou Koulibaly, Frenkie de Jong or Alexis Sánchez , for the high claims of Naples, Ajax and Arsenal, respectively. As The Athletic points out, 120 million, no more.

In this way, a formal offer from City is expected in the coming weeks. Guardiola recently pointed out that the signing of Kane is "impossible" at the moment, for the price they ask for him. "All the clubs have a bad economic situation, we are not an exception," he said. However, sources consulted by The Athletic affirm that the skyblue will put the amount slipped on the table.

Lace and conditioning

Without Agüero, and with Gabriel Jesus not convincing with 9 guarantees, Kane would solve the only problem that Guardiola had last season, the goal on certain occasions. In fact, in the same Champions League final he played with a team full of midfielders, in which the position swap prevailed and several occupied the position of false nine. Our protagonist would solve this problem in one fell swoop, since this campaign he has developed his ability to assist, becoming a much more complete player and finishing as the greatest assistant (14), as well as the top scorer (23) in the Premier League.

The only existing doubt is your physical condition. After the 2018 World Cup, he missed 17 games due to injury. After Euro 2016, 14. Kane shortened his preseason to be on time with his team and this ended up doing more harm than good. This year, shorten it or not, the break will be scarce and will arrive very right at the beginning of the course. Simon Brundish, FA sports consultant consulted by The Athletic, assures that he would not spend so much money on the Tottenham striker: "If I were City, I would be very, very cautious when it comes to spending 100 million pounds (120 euros) on Kane ". The citizen team, for its part, the pro (sports performance) surpasses, a priori, the cons.

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